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It’s a midnight swim, where it is late and the air is all clear.
And I remember that evening, you on the floor, I was attached to the ceiling.
Look behind, that glass in your mouth, these words I am due for.
The sun will set tonight on all the lonely dreamers, only to rise again so we can start it over.
And you were right when you whispered in my ear and it all became so clear.
It’s gonna be alright, everything will be alright even if the city ignites.
Look behind, that glass in your mouth, these words I am due for.
The sun will set tonight on all the lonely dreamers, only to rise again so we can start it over, start it again
Now to get back to the room where there’s windows as large as the city
The sun will set tonight on all the lonely dreamers, only to rise again so we can start it over, start it again

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Midnight Swim | Reviewer: 36fan | 9/9/11

To me alot of this song seems to reference crystal meth addiction. Think about the name. most ppl using meth say they smoked a puddle or ocean. then the lines,& I remember that evening, you on the floor. I was attatched to the ceiling. Look behind, the glass in your mouth. These words I am, Due for.

different opinion on the meaning | Reviewer: Zakk | 2/22/10

I think the song is more about being in love with someone who probably isn't the nicest person in the world to you but you know loves you to. The midnight swim is the beginning of the relationship. When everything was great. Her on the floor and him on the cieling I think is about how we all feel at the beginning of a relationship when the girl is just laying staring up at the ceiling and picturing him for hours. The glass in her mouth are what have become all of her harsh words. Maybe saying things completely out of spite, or just plain mean. And whats behind that (the way she used to talk to him) he feels is something he is due after all of his patience with her. The sun setting on the lonley dreamers (him being the lonley dreamer because even though his dreams are of this person he is still lonley cause he knows his dreams won't come true anytime some) is an evening where she is actually just like she used to be. But when the sun rises again he knows she will go right back to her mean ways. Her whispering in his ear (probably something that restored his faith in their relationship) brings confidence in no matter how bad things may get between them they do really still love each other even if the city ignites (the city being their relationship). And getting back to the rooms with windows as large as the city is getting back to the way things were at first. In closing I do not disagree with aarons post on this subject. Very very good way to take the lyrics, but I just take them differently. Thats the beautiful thing about music though. Every song can have a million different meanings to a million different people, and still mean just as much to each of them. 36 Crazyfists rocks. Thanks for reading.

Beautiful =] | Reviewer: Baggaz | 2/18/09

I think it is very clever how they managed to make two songs with exactly the same lyrics sound completely different. The City Ignites is a great acoustic version of the song because it is vocally powerful and the depth to the lyrical meaning is immense.

meaning of this song | Reviewer: aaron | 4/2/08

he is talking about being in your teen age( midnight swim-partying, enjoying life) and when he says he is attached to the ceiling he is talking about his drug abuse, and the glass in her mouth would be her drinking/being drunk, the room where there are windows as large as the city, would be the room where he says everything for what it is rathar than hiding behind system abusing items like drugs, and the sun will set is us being forgiven for what we have done, and we can start again saying that you are forgiven, not neccessarily in a religious sense, but as in you should not be held accountable for your mistakes because everyone makes them. and well that is what the song means. your welcome anyone who listens to 36 crazyfists. they are an amazing band, not one song i dont enjoy, thank you for reading and enjoy the song.

lovely | Reviewer: 3139chris ;) | 11/2/07

this has to be the best song an the album as much as i love "I'll go until my heart stops" this has to be the best... loving it :D

=O | Reviewer: Nick | 9/16/07

No ones reviewed this song.. I rkn its a great song, even tho Im not sure of the meaning, lovin it tho

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