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Like the State of Texas, Charlie Daniels is partly Western
and partly Southern. His signature "bullrider" hat and belt
buckle, his lifestyle on the Twin Pines Ranch (a boyhood
dream come true), his love of horses, cowboy lore and the
heroes of championship rodeo, Western movies, and Louis
L'Amour novels, identify him as a Westerner. The son of a
lumberjack and a Southerner by birth, his music - rock,
country, bluegrass, blues, gospel - is quintessentially
Southern. In fact, even his bent for all things Western is
Southern, because More...

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Review about The Charlie Daniels Band songs
Damn straight Charlie | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Simple Man performed by The Charlie Daniels Band

I live in the North (western NY- NOT NY city) and in the small town I come from we live and bleed the same way anyone in the south, west, or east does. It doesn't matter where you come from, the words of Charlie Daniels still run deep. I drive an 86 Silverado with 301,000 miles, hunt everything with feathers or fur, and put my 80-100 hours a week in bustin my ass on the farm I would die for to keep it in the family. If that isn't a simple man I don't wanna know what is. I wont lie, I would prefer living down south where there are more good ol boys like us few up here, but the needle on the compass didn't go into the words Charlie Daniels puts in his songs.

Classic Southern Rock at It's Best | Reviewer: Justin
    ------ About the song Feeling Free performed by The Charlie Daniels Band

IMHO, One of the Best Southern Rocks songs ever written from the BEST!!! Southern Rock album ever released, "Fire on the Mountain". It blows my mind that this Double Platinum CD is now out of print. If you ever find one GRAB IT & NEVER LET GO !!!

If we Forget, we Lose | Reviewer: ROSEMARIE
    ------ About the song The Last Fallen Hero performed by The Charlie Daniels Band

Nothing will ever take away my horror that day as I sat helplessly watching the TV replay the inconceivable attacks on our homeland. I will never forget the people running away, and the heroes running into the destruction to help save lives. God bless them, those who lived and those who made the supreme sacrifice to help others. It is hard to realize that this atrocity happened over 10 years ago! Pictures and videos from that day still stir up the terror I felt. Sadly, it seems that many have forgotten the solidarity and unity of the day after, and are now calling for an end of "The War on Terror". If we do not put an end to this repulsive act, carried out under the cloak of Jihad, the terrorists will smugly bide their time, and attack again and again. Each time hitting more and more repulsively and destructively. We must stand strong and cut the head from this venomous snake to finally bring peace back to our sovereign nation.

great song | Reviewer: Jerry Adams
    ------ About the song Georgia performed by The Charlie Daniels Band

I just want to thank you for posting these lyrics, I've been looking for them for a long time. I use to play this song with a friend when I was young and he could pick it just like the record, and sound just like Charlie, but I ain't seen him in a long time and had forgot the lyrics... again thank you.

song of the times | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Simple Man performed by The Charlie Daniels Band

where i come from this song is making more and more sense scum geting let off for crimes and then going out and doing it again.claiming thay had a bad childhood, if they knew that being tired to a stump is what happened if they did the wrong thing i bet a lot less crime would happen.let me tell you if some one broke in my house and stole my stuff that i have worked hard for i won't be siting down and having a drink with him cause he'd be very sore after i'd finished with him.same gos if anyone touches my kids the wrong way.jt australia

young mans memories | Reviewer: jaime
    ------ About the song Sweetwater Texas performed by The Charlie Daniels Band

I hadn't heard this song since 1979 when me and some friends used to sit around after work listening to hi fi. This song for some reason stuck with me for all these years. Iguess its because like many a young man you always have dreams o going to some far away place in search of adventure only to realise at the end that the place you miss and belong is the place you were trying to get away from all along.

thanks! | Reviewer: little stan
    ------ About the song Sweetwater Texas performed by The Charlie Daniels Band

I just love your song titled Sweetwater Texas! I'm a native Houstonian but have always enjoyed riding my Harley Davidson to the Rocky Mountains, the first day out I'd always stay at the Long Horn Motor Lodge in Sweetwater. I love Sweetwater, it is so laid back compared to Houston. I understand the song about Houston being one mean and dirty town......

-'lil stan

listening to dad sing with saddletramps | Reviewer: jess karis
    ------ About the song Saddle Tramp performed by The Charlie Daniels Band

My Dad passed away and I'm listening to old tapes, he is singing with a band called saddletramps and is singing this song.
Who wrote the song? I was just googlingf the lyrics and found this, so now I'm so confused!

Two out of three | Reviewer: Rayborn Dunnm
    ------ About the song Two Out of Three performed by The Charlie Daniels Band

I loved this song by Charlie Daniels....This week was the first time I heard it....I would like to know if you have an accompment cd. in this song....if you do please let me know how much itis....I sure want a copy to sing....Thank you so much....Rev. Raybon Dunnam.

I love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Jesus Is the Light of the World performed by The Charlie Daniels Band

I love this song, it's my favorite christmas song. Can someone please give me the guitar tabs for this song or tell we where I can buy the tabs. My email address is

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