The Charlie Daniels Band Albums

  • Freedom And Justice For All Album (7/22/2003)
    My Beautiful America
    In America
    Let Freedom Ring
    The Last Fallen Hero
    American Farmer
    God Bless The Mother
    Simple Man
    Still In Saigon
    This Ain't No Rag It's A Flag
    (What This World Needs Is) A Few More Rednecks
    America, I Believe In You

  • Redneck Fiddlin' Man Album (7/23/2002)
    Rock This Joint
    Little Joe And Big Bill
    The Last Fallen Hero
    Southern Boy
    High Speed Heroes
    Fais Do Do
    Muddy Mississippi
    Redneck Fiddlin' Man
    My Baby Plays Me Just Like A Fiddle

  • Road Dogs Album (5/30/2000)
    Road Dogs
    Ain't No Law In California
    Even Up The Score
    Across The Line
    The Martyr
    How Much I Love You
    Wild Wild Young Men
    Standing In The Rain
    It's About Time
    Sail Away

  • Fiddle Fire - 25 Years Of The Charlie Daniels Band Album (8/18/1998)
    The Devil Went Down To Georgia
    High Lonesome
    Fais Do Do
    Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues
    The South's Gonna Do It Again
    Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye
    The Fiddle Player's Got The Blues
    Orange Blossom Special
    Talk To Me Fiddle

  • Fiddle Fire Album (8/18/1998)
  • Windows Album (5/6/1997)
  • Same Ol' Me Album (9/12/1995)
  • America, I Believe In You Album (4/20/1993)
  • Renegade Album (4/23/1991)
  • Simple Man Album (10/17/1989)
  • Homesick Heroes Album (8/15/1988)
  • A Decade of Hits Album (12/1/1983)
  • Full Moon Album (7/18/1980)
  • Million Mile Reflections Album (4/20/1979)
  • Midnight Wind Album (10/7/1977)
  • High Lonesome Album (11/5/1976)
  • Saddle Tramp Album (3/29/1976)
  • Nightrider Album (11/25/1975)
  • Fire On The Mountain Album (11/29/1974)
  • Te John, Grease, And Wolfman Album (5/1/1972)
  • Charlie Daniels Album (6/1/1971)

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