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The Charlie Daniels Band Homesick Heroes Album

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Release Date: 08/15/1988
Tracks in Homesick Heroes: Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues, Alligator, Get Me Back To Dixie, Cowboy Hat In Dallas, Big Bad John, Midnight Train, Honky Tonk Avenue, You Can't Pick Cotton, Ill Wind, Uneasy Rider '88

Homesick Heroes Album Tracklist

Released : August 15, 1988
Genre : Country, bluegrass
Length : 38:11
Producer : James Stroud
Label : Epic

Homesick Heroes is a studio album by The Charlie Daniels Band released on August 15, 1988. The album is known for the CDB's cover of the Jimmy Dean classic, "Big Bad John," which also includes guest vocals by The Oak Ridge Boys. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia