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The Charlie Daniels Band Fiddle Fire Album

Last updated: 06/09/2012 12:00:00 PM

Release Date: 08/18/1998
Tracks in Fiddle Fire: Texas, The Devil Went Down To Georgia, High Lonesome, Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues, The South's Gonna' Do It, Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye, Fiddle Fire, The Player's Got The Blues, Layla, Talk To Me Fiddle, Fais Do Do, Orange Blossom Special

Fiddle Fire Album Tracklist

Length : 48:49
Label : Blue Hat
Genre : Country
Producer : Ron W. Griffin
Released : August 18, 1998

Fiddle Fire: 25 Years of the CDB is an album by bluegrass and country rock artist Charlie Daniels. It was originally released on August 18, 1998, but was re-released on July 12, 2005.