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Bright Eyes The Center Of The World Lyrics

Last updated: 03/02/2011 10:00:00 AM

At the center of the world
There's a statue of a girl.
She is standing near a well
With a bucket bare and dry.

I went and looked her in the eyes
And she turned me into sand.
This clumsy form that I despise
It scattered easy in her hand.

And came to rest upon a beach,
With a million others there.
We sat and waited for the sea
To stretch out so that we could disappear

Into the endlessness of blue,
Into the horror of the truth.
You see, we are far less than we knew.
Yeah, we are far less than we knew

But we knew what we could taste.
Girls found honey to drench our hands.
Men cut marble to mark our graves.
Said we'll need something to remind us of
All the sweetness that has passed through us
(fresh sangria and lemon tea).
The priests dressed children for a choir
(white-robed small voices praise Him)
But found no joy in what was sung.
The funeral had begun

In the middle of the day
When you drive home to your place
From that job that makes you sleep
Back to the thoughts that keep you awake

Long after night has come to claim
Any light that still remains
In the corner of the frame
That you put around her face.

Two pills just weren't enough.
The alarm clock's going off
But you're not waking up.
This isn't happening, happening, happening,
Happening, happening. It is.

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plox | Reviewer: Vael Victus | 3/1/11

I, for one, like discussing the meaning of what the artist could be trying to portray. Even if I didn't, I surely wouldn't post a comment talking about how undesirable the other commenters are.

... damn!

LISTEN | Reviewer: dylan | 12/5/10

stop trying to fucking interpret his lyrics. you don't know shit. he's the only one who knows what he meant. and maybe sometimes some lines are purely abstract. i just hate when people try to tell everyone what they think the song means. JUST LISTEN AND LOVE IT

At The Center Of The World | Reviewer: pen | 8/5/10

Such beautiful words, aligned so perfectly. I love how the songs starts rather slow and calm, and ends up in the "horror of the truth".. until "you are not waking up.
This isn’t happening, happening, happening, happening, happening. It is."..
Definitely one of my favourites :).. There's so much emotion in this song that I feel connected to.

The Center of the World | Reviewer: Zoja | 4/11/08

I interpret the last part of it to be about a girl he loves who comes home after her tiring job and is unable to sleep with all the things on her mind, and so she keeps taking sleeping pills but they're not working, and she ends up overdosing. "Two pills are not enough, the alarm clock's going off, but you are not waking up." This is such a tragic song. It invokes more and more emotion as it goes on. This is definitely an example of one of Conor's most beautiful lyrics.

maybe | Reviewer: chae | 2/3/08

the grains of sand are us. the girl is god. she blows us about, wind representing uncertainty and the abstract. the sea is death, coming ever closer, wanting to swallow us in its "endless blue." the "horror of the truth" is the idea that there is nothing after life. humans are creatures of habit - its true. so what then is religion? conor always battles with this stuff in hsi songs. he wants to believe "in his soul" but doesnt know if its true. are the souls of humans hollow?