The Call Lyrics

Music critics cite The Call for the depth of their material
and the passion with which it's performed:

"This critically acclaimed band counts Peter Gabriel,
Robbie Robertson, and Jim Kerr among it's biggest fans. So
what are you waiting for? This is a Call well worth
heeding."- Rolling Stone

Chicago Tribune written by Lou Carloza June 1998

While some might consider The Call's best days behind them,
the compelling, urgent set delivered by Michael Been and
company at the Subterranean Cafe and Cabaret Thursday night
decisively proved More...

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Reviews about The Call songs

welcome to the 1980's | Reviewer: Ken Bratt
    ------ About the song The Walls Came Down performed by The Call

This song was written at a time when most people went to sleep believing they might not wake up because we might have a nuclear holocaust. At the same time we had seen the will of the people stop a war! This wasn't a vote. This was brought about by sheer determination and tenacity. The author didn't know how or when but knew that reason would eventually outlast fear. I'm sure the author was just as shocked as everyone else when ... the walls fell down!

Powerful, Emotionally charged | Reviewer: Marc
    ------ About the song I Don't Wanna performed by The Call

I remember the first time I heard this song, I had just woken up with my new girlfriend and it played on a clock Radio. Even with such a poor quality radio this song reached right into my soul. It was a very special moment with a girl that eventually put me through the painful experience to fully understand the meaing of his song. This song was manufactured with 100% passion. Only few songs were able to capture the soul like I don't wanna the only one I can think of is U2's BAD. Same from me Thank you for this wonderful song it keeps me young.

Ah ya ya ya ya ya ya | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Walls Came Down performed by The Call

You can sit and listen - or you can get up and go nuts. You gotta love this song. I love the way you can just barely hear them screaming "Wake up!!!" in the fade. This is a rock and roll classic - or should be anyway.

perfection | Reviewer: jm3d
    ------ About the song I Don't Wanna performed by The Call

Me neither, in my 44 years. Raw emotion laid over two chords. If you hear this song for the first time under the right (or wrong) circumstances, it will remain with you forever.

Written over 20 years ago but somewhat eerily & prophetically speaks to the New Millenium | Reviewer: wal
    ------ About the song The Walls Came Down performed by The Call

Any of the top grossing rock & roll acts sure wish they could have written a song like this.

I wonder what Mr. Michael Breen was thinking when he created the lyrics to this song? I wonder what exactly was the impetus within his own experience at that time that caused these lyrics to come to his mind?

Yes, corporate scandals have always plagued the western world. Yes, irrational people have always lived among us.

In the New Millenium, everything just seems to be on a bigger scale.

I wish popular music would make more of an effort to inspire & bring out the best and most humane behavior in mankind.

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