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The Cab Biography

Last updated: 05/13/2008

Alex DeLeon- vocals
Alex Marshall- piano
Ian Crawford- guitar
Cash Colligan- bass
Alex Johnson- drums

This is The Cab.

Some bands can put in many harrowing years before ever instilling a lasting impression...while others may promote on Myspace, establish an ever-growing fan base, and leave people begging for more using a single, solid demo.

With borrowed money and enough studio time to record two tracks, The Cab headed to California with their adolescence in tow. Shortly thereafter, they had recorded the one song that would fill computer speakers across the country, "I'll Run." The song became an instant success with music listeners, who were left wondering where The Cab had been hiding.

Simple question with a simple answer: high school. All five members of the band were attempting to finish their senior year while writing new material and playing shows on the weekends.

In Vegas, their name was spreading like wildfire and they were getting put on many well-respected shows. And soon after the demos found themselves in the hands of fellow Las Vegans, Panic! at the Disco, things started to speed up even faster. Encouraging the success of their demo, Brendon Urie offered to make an appearance at a local show that The Cab wasn't even headlining. He sang one verse of "I'll Run" and instantly The Cab's performance created massive buzz.

One phone call from Pete Wentz and the boys found themselves at the Palms Casino for a Gym Class Heroes video shoot. They played a short set for Wentz, who immediately saw success written all over the high schoolers. After taking them under his wing, The Cab was offered a contract with Decaydance Records. Still as timid as ever, for there were no contracts in hand and there was still high school to finish, The Cab headed home for the night not knowing what to expect.

Shortly thereafter, they were offered the spot as the opening band on Fall Out Boy's secret show in Anaheim, and they couldn't refuse. It's safe to say they held their own, sharing the stage with the expert entertainers, and Fall Out Boy fans embraced their performance ardently.

However, after returning home, changes were made to ensure a successful music career, and previous guitarist Paul Garcia left the band. Without a gutarist, The Cab signed to Decaydance/Fueled By Ramen in May of 2007. With the help of a friend, the band was encouraged to take their chances on a guitarist from Seattle. Ian Crawford flew into Vegas, tried out for the band, and immediately overcompensated for the vacant position. The perfect line-up was in place.

Graduation came and went, and their focus shifted solely toward their music. The Cab began creating new material, with all aspects of the band fitting together seamlessly, and their signature sound began emerging.

Writing incessantly for the past few months, The Cab is about ready to head into the studio with renowned producer, Matt Squire (Panic! at the Disco, The Receiving End of Sirens, Cute is What We Aim For, Boys Like Girls, etc). Their debut album is due out at the beginning of 2008.