The Butterfly Effect Albums

  • Begins Here Album
    Perception Twin
    One Second Of Insanity
    Beautiful Mine
    Filling Silence
    Without Wings

  • The Butterfly Effect Album
    Black Lung
    The Cell
    Take it Away
    Sweet & Low

  • Final Conversation Of Kings Album (11/25/2008)
    Worlds On Fire
    Room Without A View
    Final Conversation
    The Way
    Window And The Watcher
    ...And The Promise Of The Truth
    In These Hands
    7 Days
    Sum Of 1

  • Imago Album (6/19/2006)
    Aisles Of White
    A Slow Descent
    Before They Knew
    In A Memory
    This Year
    Everybody Runs
    The End

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    Reviews about The Butterfly Effect albums
    Begins Here | Reviewer: Nicole
        ------ About the album Begins Here performed by The Butterfly Effect

    Begins Here gives me that 'cant look, cant look away' feeling. Clint Boge's voice wraps protectively and lovingly around the pain exposed in the lyrics. Without Wings is my favourite. A lot of this band's work has an underlying sadness to it. Its the only collection I have that I dont 'mix' with other artists on various playlists. When I listen to TBE, I listen to the whole album. I dont want to mess with it.

    Best unknown international rock album of 2006! | Reviewer: Freddy (Texas - USA)
        ------ About the album Imago performed by The Butterfly Effect

    An online friend of mine from Australia, knowing my taste in rock music, turned me onto this band. Not having heard them in the US, I found it amazing and even disappointing that a group of musicians with this much talent haven't received the radio play nor recognition on the world music scene it's so obvious they deserve.
    The songwriting itself plays to the forefront and everything about their sound is original and superb. From the INCREDIBLY unique guitar tones and rhythm licks, EXCELLENT bass and drum playing, to an EXCEPTIONALLY talented vocalist, this album is a must whether you like pop, rock, metal or even progressive rock. Do yourself and your fellow rock fan friends a huge favor and get this album. You'll be glad you did.
    I am really hoping this band scores a deal with a major label that will support a North American tour so I can have the opportunity to see them live. They're flat out THAT GOOD. Best straight up rock album I have heard in a long, long time! Looking forward to more from this band in the years to come.

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