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The Braxtons Biography

Last updated: 12/20/2013 04:41:07 PM

Toni, Trina (21*),
Towanda (22*),
Tamar (18*),
Traci (*1996)

brother: Michael Jr.

father and mother: rev. Michael C. and Evelyn Braxton

Daughters of A Methodist minister, the Rev. Michael Braxton, the ladies - along with their sister superstar Toni - each found music in the church. "Daddy always appreciated our singing because he can't hit a note, even on his best day," laughs Towanda." Just ask the congregation at his church. They'll tell you."

For the young Braxtons, it was their mother Evelyn who especially helped foster their natural talents and dedication to music. "Our mother was an amateur opera singer, so she taught us to sing practically before we could talk," says Towanda. "We had practice every Saturday morning. For The Braxtons, there were no cartoons or going outside to play jump rope. Instead, we'd all gather around the white piano - along with our sister Traci and brother Mikie - Toni would play. Then mom would say, "Okay kids, sing,' and that's exactly what we did . . every weekend, without fail."