The Blue Nile Albums

  • High Album (8/31/2004)
    Days of Our Lives
    I Would Never
    Broken Loves
    Because Of Toledo
    She Saw the World
    Soul Boy
    Everybody Else
    Stay Close

  • A Walk Across the Rooftops Album (12/3/1998)
    A Walk Across The Rooftops
    Tinseltown In the Rain
    From Rags To Riches
    Easter Parade
    Automobile Noise

  • Hats Album (12/3/1998)
    Over the Hillside
    The Downtown Lights
    Let's Go Out Tonight
    Headlights On The Parade
    From A Late Night Train
    Seven A.M.
    Saturday Night

  • Peace At Last Album (6/11/1996)
    Tomorrow Morning
    Sentimental Man
    Love Came Down
    Body And Soul
    Holy Love
    Family Life
    War Is Love
    God Bless You Kid

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