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And so it is
Just like you said it would be
Life goes easy on me
Most of the time
And so it is
The shorter story
No love, no glory
No hero in her skies

I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes...

And so it is
Just like you said it should be
We'll both forget the breeze
Most of the time
And so it is
The colder water
The blower's daughter
The pupil in denial

I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my eyes...

Did I say that I loathe you?
Did I say that I want to
Leave it all behind?

I can't take my mind off you
I can't take my mind off you...
I can't take my mind off you
I can't take my mind off you
I can't take my mind off you
I can't take my mind...
My mind...
'Til I find somebody new

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Blower's daughter sung by choit | Reviewer: martie du toit | 12/14/13

I watched a Covert Affairs episode where this song was sung by a choir. My only brother passed away and his funeral was yesterday. Te words of this song is so beautiful it makes me cry all over again not only for the loss of my brother but for all the unhappy times in my life and the lifes of my daughters AND MY BROTHER who I miss so terribly. Please if anybody can tell me who is the choir that sang this beautiful song I wll appreciate it

the very thought of loving you is music.... | Reviewer: forever stan | 10/16/12

Reading all the reviews before me, they scream of youth, and it should be. I am 72 and have loved but one woman for the past fourty five years, since she walked out of my life. This music fits my vision of my love. I'll take my love for her to my grave. Thanks, Damien, for the music and the lyrics.

first love and only | Reviewer: cindy | 10/16/12

This song is so enchanting, I break into tears every time, its so moving I want it played in my future wedding as I walk down the isle..I've always been against love in the past but when I was 17, my best friend became my was the best three months of our time, but it ended tragecly and many years later, I wonder if he ever loved me..he let me go but I knew it was for the best then, we were only was like he was the right one at the wrong time..we still talk while mantaining distance..a part of me thinks he's holding on for a reason..I hope when the time comes, I hope I'll know because maybe we were meant to be..

nobody said it will be easy | Reviewer: forever yours | 9/3/12

the story bellow just reminds me of my story and the love of my life..... he there, i am here, he with his past, older, both afraid of taking the chance and big change in life... he let me go....this love had no chance. Someone once told me everything is easy if there is love in your heart...but sometimes it's not enough. i sent him this song to say goodbye. but i will never forget him, never. love is not able to say goodbye.

I can't take my mind of you | Reviewer: j. | 8/31/12

Friend of mine played this song at her weeding in the church. But I am now listening to it crying over the man i love. man who is miles away and who just told me week ago that he is seeing someone at this present time..... I don't wanna say goodbye....but what can I do.... I can't imagine i will find somebody new... lul x

to love and be loved | Reviewer: Aidey | 11/7/11

This song breaks my heart. The only consolation being that I know I am not alone when I read all the other reviews below. Sally was the love of my life. We only dated 11 months but I can never imagine a more pure connection. We just "got" each other. She said all she wanted was to hug and be hugged; love and be loved. She was the one I wanted to sit opposite in a rocking chair with. We made love under fairy lights after watching Closer, her favourite film where this track is taken from.
The following month she was travelling the five hour journey from Brighton to Leeds to see me. She'd been to see her ex husband the night before to sort out access arrangements. O didn't hear from her on text and thought it strange as we'd swap 300 loving texts a day sometimes. She'd say "Aidey I wanna kiss your phone til I break it" and text me thousands of kisses. I spent the whole night wondering why I hadn't heard. I grew sad and jealous. On the train she texted me saying there was nothing to worry about and did I not get her loving texts she'd sent the night before? I replied no. Fatally she then texted "well I'm resenting those loving texts I sent"... I wondered why the hell was she resenting sending me loving texts. I got more sad and angry. When she stepped off the train we rowed and she disappeared into the crowds. That was twenty three weeks ago. I haven't seen her since.
I say "fatally" above as the text she sent saying "I'm resenting those loving texts I sent last night" SHOULD have read "reSENDing" not "resenTing".
But for one letter of the alphabet we may not have rowed. She'd had crap reception where she was the night before. All too late her loving texts from the night before came through.
She hasn't spoken texted or seen me for what seems a lifetime now. We always said "time goes on crutches" when we were not together. All I have is the photos from our lovely time together when she gave me the best birthday a person could hope for.
She was the one. She once told me "Aidey I feel I've been holding my breath my whole life waiting for you". And now she's gone. Love is not being able to say goodbye. I just look at all our photos. And can't take my eyes off you.

Happy Anniversary! | Reviewer: N | 9/28/11

After six months! I'm checking this song... To celebrate "our" Romeo and Joliete love as u called it once! I'm celebrating it alone my dear,and I know that you will be celebrating another with someone else! I can't take my mind of you... Till I find someone new

desperation | Reviewer: someone | 9/24/11

i never had a gf till i was 19 , then i met this girl,she was a real bitch , had me with other bfs and i ddnt know , i fell inlove with her , one day she dumped me for her other bf , and she had sex with her cousin on new years eve, she told me that after 2 months ,i always felt like a nothing before her , after her things got worse.
3 years later i met this amazing girl , she had everything that i ever wished for , we fell inlove together , but she loved me way way much more and i could never understand how someone like her can love someone like me an ugly nohing socially retarted junk , after a while an 8 months of mildly good time after a long depression , she was madly inlove with me , me.. i couldnt stand being with her , i had to let her go,few weeks found out she was with someone else,i felt that i had to get her back and never lose her again , months later of talkin and begging her back she went back to me again, and now after 6 months of being together i cant stand being with her anymore , wer done for good and i cant believe it , i cant take her off my mind , i cant take my eyes off her when i see her in uni , but this is for the best,i know that i will always remain a lonely piece of shit and she will find someone new , someone better , someone who is actually a human, i will drown in my room of misery , i wont find someone new , i dont wanna find someone new , i will continue to live my life , finish uni , get a job , collect some money , travel to some countries that id love to visit , for months and months , then when im out of money , im going fishing on a boat , and drowning myself in the middle of the Caribbean ocean

it hurts so much | Reviewer: Samuel | 9/1/11

I've read the comments here and finally feel that I'm not alone.
I met a girl 5 years ago and on the first sight I just knew she would be something special for me. At the beginning we hated each other. We couldn't stand each other, but I still felt like she was going to be something special for me. After a year and a half, I happened. LOVE... Our relationship was 3 years long. We went through so much... We traveled, spent amazing time with each other, and when sleeping next to each other, I was able to die in pure love at that time.
Than it happened. after 3 years together, we kind of realized we need to take a break, to live our own lives. We were different. There came the time to move on and change ourselves.
After 4 moths, she is the person I've always seen in her. She's changed. She is the person I always wanted to meet. But she got a new boyfriend and there is nothing I can do. I got a chance and missed it. She sent me this song 2 years ago and now I don't have anything else on my mind just: " I can't take my mind off of you..."
It hurts. It hurts a lot, but I want her to be happy. And if she is with him, than for me there is just this song and sing the lyrics: "I can't take my mind off of you..."

Different meaning | Reviewer: Emily | 4/10/11

When I listen to this song, it's more of a love song to me. Whenever I look at my boyfriend, who I didn't realized exactly how much I love until I listened to this song on repeat while thinking about him, "I can't take my eyes off of you" plays in my head. And of course I can't take my mind off of him, he's just too amazing. The "did I say that I loathe you?" Part is more about my ex.
Whenever I hear this song, I think of my boyfriend, but in a good way.

sooo hard | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/11

life goes on.....all we need to do is smile.

its hard to come over the memories, tears drop off my eyes and my heart starts to ache. Aloofness is haunting me. its even harder when you cant share your feelings :(

al | Reviewer: jo | 2/28/11

you`re so fucking special, but you`re belongs to someone that has the right of you. i must know who i am, if you cannot stand in space off me, let me do it although it`ll hurts and wrecked my soul... it will kill my feelings again and maybe make it can`t feel anything forever, but that`s better than i must hurt a woman`s heart there.

trying to forget... | Reviewer: Matt b | 10/4/10

Ex of 2 years... This song reminds me of her. For's feeling those moments you try so hard to bury away and leave behind...when you spread her dreams under your feet and had every intention of endlessly working to make them a reality, and then they're pulled out from under you...and you're left with nothing. I would have fought to the death just to see her happy...Without my love for her, my life is black and white. (as it is in the music video for this song)... You know who you are... I'll never forget. I can't take my mind off of you.

did i say i want to leav it all behind? | Reviewer: savy | 7/26/10

===did i say i loathe u? does it even matter what i said?? what matters is what i might not have told you when i turned my back on you. that scary it sounds, i have loved you and cant part with that feeling ever===

this is a song full of loving, hating, regretting, and yet moving on. lost. alone. seems everybody relates to it somehow. the music is sweet, it makes you feel those moments you try hard to leave behind. the song is awesome! not the feeling.....

it still hurts. | Reviewer: jeremy | 7/11/10

in my heart my love was lost a long time ago. my ex and i split up over infidelities. it apparently wasn't meant to be. i left even though i did not want to. it still hurts to this day and this song always will make me remember her. i write this not because of the pain it brings back but of the lyrics. "Did I say that I loathe you?
Did I say that I want to Leave it all behind?" it rings so true. her and this song will always have a place in my heart. i miss u.

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