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I stand on one side of a great divide, surrounded by
over-analytical obsessives in tattered, earthtone clothes,
our confidence or insecurity dependent on the obscurity of
our record collections. We sigh in disdain at the revelers
across the chasm, their pink hair, studded belts and denim
signifying clueless victimization at the hands of made-up
TRL rebels and one-word "garage" bands. We've been eying
each other with suspicion and contempt for years, but
taking stock of the current situation, it seems that-- for
their uncritical More...

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Review about The Blood Brothers songs
TAKE what u WANT | Reviewer: DoinThaDevilsWurk
    ------ About the song Ambulance Vs. Ambulance performed by The Blood Brothers

this song is a story of two ppl playing a game, were they go to pull important ppl with importants, money, or some leverage for personal gain to set up a sex scandal. they video it so can be used as blackmale, they get the target to do as they please, then end up killing them or distroying their career/family due to the action that was "forced" to do. this is the way USA works, weither it be in the medical industry or not its just metaphor, for the way ppl are forced into place. everything is controled by these ppl with money but theres always someone who will be faster, stonger, smarter, or richer than u. power, control, and empire will never stay with one person/family/gang/mob/political party/group/gender/race due to motivation/determiination from others, somewhere, who WILL want it more than you

The meaning of the song for those looking | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck performed by The Blood Brothers

Starts out at his him leaving in the car from his biodegradable girlfriends house when he gets in a wreck with a semi and is hospitalized for burns. Flashback to his previous relationship with a girl that he used to see but would never be fully intimate with her do to her landscape. The lack of ability for him to become intimate with her led him to leave her for a the pad locked lip girl who he could find physically attractive. As he is laying in the hospital bed he is hoping for his a visitor but the other shallow individual doesn't want to be apart of his life anymore as he is disfigured. His ex girlfriend who he betrayed ended up having sex with some drunk individual...Now he sits alone in his hospital bed as the irony of his situation laughs and his pain has come full circle

Beaut | Reviewer: Aaron
    ------ About the song Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck performed by The Blood Brothers

This song is just beautiful. I just read the lyrics for the first time in analytical detail, and it is heart-wrenching. I love this band so much, they are one of those rare bands that just does whatever the fuck they want and are incomparable. Mad respect

my opinion feel free to crit! | Reviewer: janet
    ------ About the song Ambulance Vs. Ambulance performed by The Blood Brothers

I don’t think this song has much to do with divorce the only thing I can see to suggest that it might be is the lyric; "no thanks I'll take the hooker instead"
That statement is not elaborated on so we don’t know if the wife or kids even new about it or weather or not if they did if they decided to break up. It is a possibility though and maybe he is divorced while he’s being taken away by the ambulance angels but that’s not what the song is about.

As for the song being about the medical industry and different hospitals being in competition with each other, seriously wtf!? Have you even bothered reading the lyrics or did you just read the title and take a wild guess?

I thought the suggestion of the x and y chromosomes is a good one showing it’s both male and female at fault perhaps?

From what I gather from having read the lyrics you can tell that the blood brothers have a lot of strong opinions about modern society and the places we work and relax. The way these places are described shows the ugliness we deal with in everyday life for instance “ the office orifice” and “skin cooking coffins” also the fact that we have chosen this life its rather pitiful. When the ambulance angels come to take him away it looks through his life and his regrets and poor choices but its to late to do anything about them and it leaves you with the warning that your children will be next. So what are you going to do about it people?

Medical industry? Or... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Ambulance Vs. Ambulance performed by The Blood Brothers

I think it's about divorce.

It's implicated quite a bit in this song, I think, especially in regards to the money-grabbing, lawyers 'n scandal way it happens these days. There's nothing civilised.

Think of Y and X chromosomes...male and female...ambulance vs ambulance.

My thoughts anyway. Just an idea.

Joyce Carol Oates? | Reviewer: mayraonfire
    ------ About the song The Salesman, Denver Max performed by The Blood Brothers

Does this remind anyone of the story
"Where are you going, Where have you been?"

Its exactly the same plot, a man taunting a girl to come to her car and threatening her not to call the cops
But instead of denver max his name is Arnold Friend,
The parallels are identical.

you are all so stupid | Reviewer: phil
    ------ About the song Ambulance Vs. Ambulance performed by The Blood Brothers

this song is not about the medical industry, what the hell kind of an inference is that?? i could see how you might think that by judging a book by its cover, but no, burn, piano island, burn does not concern itself with light insights into the medical industry. instead the album, and the band, paint a terrible portrait of what humanity is and is capable of doing and being. this song falls in line with the album and is a grim look at the horrible lives we lead all the while denying our deaths. ironically these things we do are not "living" and are more geared towards bringing about more death and hopelessness than celebrating, embracing and cherishing our lives. death is the great equalizer, and although we may not be happy and equal in life, the ambulance angels let us know they will be back for all of our first born. and as supposedly all men are created equal, all men certainly die just as equally - and that is where we can truly find equality among men.

freakishly accurate | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song New York Slave performed by The Blood Brothers

these lyrics scream out the truth of modern day ″love″ and how our goals and priorities in life are shallow and materialistic. this well put together peice needs to be read into for what it is meant to say. genius.

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Peacock Skeleton With Crooked Feathers performed by The Blood Brothers

omg, the lyrics are orgasmic, i think specifically what the blood brothers are aiming for, is that the peacock is somewhat sort of a devil. that hes the bad part inside of you, and when the push comes to shove, the peacock shows its true face, and smiles at your destruction

Re: "If you wanted everything that is The Blood Brothers..." | Reviewer: jessie
    ------ About the song Rats And Rats And Rats For Candy performed by The Blood Brothers

i agree with steve. ive heard that song about a zillion times, cuz, i own the cd...but anyway, it really does show a variety of the blood brother's talents along with their crazy yet complex lyrics. although, thats not the only song of theirs that displays so many of their talents all in one song. but if you like that song, try listening to young machetes- sick! :^

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