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Hailing from the once quiet desert town of Tucson, Arizona,
The Bled exploded onto the hardcore / metal circuit in
2001. With their intense live performances along side bands
like Dillinger Escape Plan, Norma Jean, Midtown and
Recover, they were able to make a name for themselves
within their local music scene. Bringing about a mature
sound that clearly exceeds their age as a band, The Bled,
following the road less traveled by, is now clearing a path
for those yet to come.

Strongly influenced by their predecessors and holding true More...

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Reviews about The Bled songs

Adore this song | Reviewer: MIssJ
    ------ About the song Antarctica performed by The Bled

I absolutely adore this song.
i heard it like 3 years or so ago and i fell in love with it and at the time i wasn't big on metal and such. i agree the song takes you in and makes you sway along with it. although i find this song quite difficult to get your hands on online. there are no youtube or projectplaylist references for one to hear it and enjoy it online. hope that changes soon. <btw i found this song just a few mins ago after not being able to for so long yay me!^^>

no sir, i don't like it | Reviewer: wes sutherlan
    ------ About the song You Know Who's Seatbelt performed by The Bled

I likes my music plain n' simple. Yep, only songs about love, heartbreak, and good ol' fashioned christian morals for me. And as for songs that are talkin 'bout how sick and deluded folks can be, well sir, that just don't sit right with me. Dale earnhardt was a hero to me after he died, although I'm not quite sure why. Either way around, I was more 'n happy to honor him by buying all the dale earnhardt merchandise the good folks at nascar could mass produce. Boy howdy, those bobbleheads sure were collectible.

EXCELLENT | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Last American Cowboy performed by The Bled

i love the bled , this song is very emotional , and amazing just like the rest of their songs .

I don't even like screamo... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song My Assassin performed by The Bled

But I liked this song. I heard it on youtube in a video based on Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children. Anyways, I liked it A LOT. It's awesome.

Great song. | Reviewer: Matt
    ------ About the song You Know Who's Seatbelt performed by The Bled

This is a great song. I think that for only 1 reason though. It's about m mentor, Dale Earnhardt. It was origionally going to be called Dale Earnhardt's seatbelt, but had to be changed for legal resons. I thank the bled for giving him such a nice tribute, with this kick-ass song. I miss you so much Dale! R.I.P!

What!? | Reviewer: Alex
    ------ About the song You Know Who's Seatbelt performed by The Bled

NO way! No reviews? This song is probably one of the best Bled songs. This is a must hear, this song will make you fall in love with the Bled.

forallmankind | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Glitterbomb performed by The Bled

this is the best song the bled has ever made. the lyrics say it all it is surely a masterpiece

Best Song Out There | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Never Met Another Gemini performed by The Bled

This has to be one of my favorite Bled songs, its really catchy and very very exciting and full of rythem, the lyrics are outstanding and very easy to learn, so all go out there buy The Bled- Pass The Flask and listen to this song over and over

peace out

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