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The Black Tie Operation Biography

Last updated: 04/03/2008

TBTO started on the rainy days when Will Jerry and Ryan couldn't go skateboarding. Kept as an aside to skating for many years, We went through a couple of member shifts while searching for and attempting to develop our own sound. Conflicts between members and extremely heated conflicts with other local bands once threatened the band, but we pressed through. However, due to multiple fights within the group with multiple communication failures, TBTO took a hiatus from mid 2006 to early 2007. The band was put on hold while some of it's members took the time to grow up. The band came back and began to play local shows again with little reception. Finally, after pestering our now good friend Ted Etoll for quite a while, we were granted the opportunity to open up for a few step up presents shows, sharing the stage with our heros, bands like Big D and the Kids Table, the AKAs Whole Wheat Bread, Darkbuster, and The Street Dogs. We've just finished recording our album at Cat Trax studios (thanks mostly to josh) and we're planning a CD release party with punk legends, THE UNSEEN. All in all, we've definitely matured over the years and I think you can hear it in our sound there's nothing we love more than getting on stage and performing for people that want to hear good, solid punk music. If you compliment us, we'll love you forever, if you don't like us, that's fine too. We hope to go on and accomplish great things but for now, we're happy right where we are.