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July, 2002: two young men, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney,
college dropouts the both of them, are working together for
an Akron, Ohio property owner, the type of fella who owns a
variety of low-rent apartment buildings around town in
various states of repair and, well, disrepair. You get the
picture. That sort of operation. They're "horticultural
technicians" for this property owner. Not to put too fine a
point on it, the boys mow lawns for the landlord. Between
them, they've got a truck, two lawnmowers and a
weedwhacker. In More...

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Review about The Black Keys songs
Couldn't put my feelings better | Reviewer: Dana
    ------ About the song The Lengths performed by The Black Keys

I listen to this song when things just feel really wrong. It's just so beautiful. There's so much emotion in Dans voice. It just hurts me to know that others are goin through the same things as me or rather, feel the same. Anyways, it's just a beautiful song... Saved for hard times.

Oh the Black Keys | Reviewer: Matt
    ------ About the song The Lengths performed by The Black Keys

I found the Black Keys late into their musical career, but when I heard Brothers I greatly enjoyed their style and decided to dive deeper. I bought a few CD's, got Magic Potion on vinyl, but the first time I heard this song I was entranced. I think I listened to it every day (multiple times) for a month. It's absolutely gorgeous in its simplicity and I literally could listen to it all day, regardless of its mildly sad lyrics.

I thought it was only me | Reviewer: jean
    ------ About the song The Lengths performed by The Black Keys

That felt these beautiful emotions when listening to this song. It's so amazing and sort of comforting to know that not everyone in this world enjoys mindless beats and the crap that is most of today's music. This song is everything everyone of you has described. You feel this song in your body and on your soul.

* | Reviewer: 16yearoldgirl
    ------ About the song The Lengths performed by The Black Keys

I find it hard to put into words how this song makes me feel. It's the song that I listen to when I'm sad, confused, chilled out, tired, lonely, or that oddly euphoric but relaxed kind of happy. It's the perfect song to listen to while on the bus to school on a drizzly day, head against glass and gazing out to nothing. It's the perfect song to drift off to sleep to. It's the perfect song to put on repeat and never have to get sick of.

While the meaning of this song is fairly obvious, I still find that certain lines can jump out at me and solve any problems that I have. "You've got nothing to lose" "Hold me now or never ever hold me again" "Carry on another way".

The melancholic music and emotion in his voice, the gentle slide guitar, the last few seconds of guitar that leave you hanging, and the tiny details within the music... my mind is softened and ears opened as it all streams in, a beautiful river of sadness.

Music like this doesn't just happen. It's genius and so special. It irritates me that so many people, especially from my generation, can look past this deem it as "boring" or "depressing" and then go and listen to meaningless beats and machinery.

This is utter beauty, truth and raw emotion.

In memory | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Unknown Brother performed by The Black Keys

In memory of a fallen hero, I never actually met you, but I heard so much about you, you are loved and missed greatly,it's comforting knowing you are in heaven, the void you left as huge as it is, will be filled with the memories and stories you left.

rest in peace hero N.A.B

This song hits the spot... gives me that tingly feeling every time | Reviewer: brad
    ------ About the song The Lengths performed by The Black Keys

There is nothing corny about the way this song makes me feel, it is absolutely phenomenal... I seriously get into a whole different mindset when I hear it, and the comments above are right on. It puts me in a good place and time, and is a track I could never get tired of listening to. Put it on loop while relaxing with your girl, driving, lonely... anytime. You'll love it too.

asjdbnvauiw | Reviewer: Briar
    ------ About the song The Lengths performed by The Black Keys

My ex-boyfriend and I have this thing we call rainy day drive songs. It was like a special thing we did (and do, when we see each other), where we'd go for a long, long drive to nowhere on rainy days and just listen to sad songs and talk.

This song is a rainy day drive song. I don't know if that makes sense to anyone else... but it's amazing, you should try it out especially with someone special or close to you. I understand and feel these lyrics perfectly right now. And the good news is that it's raining... So, I'm going for a drive.

Relaxing and beautiful | Reviewer: Nancy
    ------ About the song The Lengths performed by The Black Keys

I just think this song is purely amazingly beautiful. When I'm in a mood for emotions this song hits my emotional side that is like a stress reliever of some sort. I've had this on reply for about an hour now. It makes me cry, but at the same time makes me feel something and thing about the person I really care about. Makes me picture my significant other and wish I was with her right now. I want to cuddle and hold hands with her, laying down on the ground outside and watch the stars and slowly gaze into each others eyes. That's what I feel right now. Damn, I really miss her greatly. :( Overall it's a really good song, and makes you think. I highly recommend this song.

One Very Tasty Dish | Reviewer: Ohm51
    ------ About the song Everlasting Light performed by The Black Keys

The Black Keys never cease to amaze me, and they surely don't dissappoint on the opening track to their May 2010 release of Brothers.

Everlasting Light is a heaping helping of some funkified {and spiritualized} gumbo with Dan singing in a falsetto register and soaring high above a tautly infectious groove {chanelling a bit of Curtis Mayfield perhaps?} ... and it sure packs a wallop.

It is one very tasty and kickass groove.

Everlasting Light is the perfect opening to an album full of groove surprises and comes completely unexpected as it is somewhat of a departure relative to anything they've previously done.

It is also the most positive and life affirming opening track on an album to date and it sets the tone for the rest ... {which I am still considering} ... but so far Everlasting Light is a total standout and is definitely a favorite cut.

A bit about The Black Keys Lyrics ... I always hear them in several differing ways {all at once} ... one in which Dan is speaking on the completely personal level ... as if he needs to sing such words to himself, or that he is speaking to God as a prayer or a plea ... and the inverse ... that he is chaneling the words that God {or whatever angels there might be} ... are speaking to him ... and lastly ... that he is speaking to others ... giving warnings to a brother ... expressing his highest ideals and passions to a lover ... sending blessings and empathy to a friend.

It is in those last regards that I consider The Black Keys not just as exemplary songwriters and fine musicians ... but indeed, as brothers ... in spirit.

wow | Reviewer: baby
    ------ About the song The Lengths performed by The Black Keys

is all i have to say about this song.
its beautiful.
i cant get enough.
its gives me all the emotions a human can ever feel.
in a way makes me wana go out in the new pple and see new things with my fiance.
corny but true

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