The Berlin Project Lyrics

John Garrighan
1. Name: John R. Garrighan
2. Position in the band: Guitar/Vocals
3. Top 3 Bands: U2, The Clash, Guns and Roses
4. Top 3 Albums: The Joshua Tree, Clash on Broadway,
Appetite for Destruction
5. Song: With Or Without You
6. Influences: The Clash, Rancid (none of these show, but
in my own way it makes sense to me)
7. How old were you when you started to enjoy playing
music: 11ish
8. Color: Tie Die (haha..... Chuck's gonna be pissed)
9. Food: Grande's Pizza - Irwin PA
10. Drink: Uncle Jack
11. Movie: Back To The More...

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Submit The Berlin Project New Lyrics