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Originally a quartet whose sound drew inspiration from
psychedelia, the Beloved found its greatest success as a
rave-influenced dance-pop duo. Throughout its fluid
existence, the guiding force behind the group remained
vocalist Jon Marsh, who formed the band Journey Through at
Cambridge University with Steve Waddington and Tim Havard;
with the addition of Guy Gausden (november '84), the group
renamed itself the Beloved, and gradually evolved into a
moody dance outfit not dissimilar to New Order.

In 1986, the Beloved issued their More...

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Review about The Beloved songs
Sweet Harmony | Reviewer: Thomas Erwin
    ------ About the song Sweet Harmony performed by The Beloved

Nice little happy motivational song, Lyrics is spoken in calm quiet voice with a fairy-airy music tune.
Video Clip, Set in a pure white studio with the music artist and woman vocalists being nude. The lighting and the seating of the singers is composed as not to indecently expose them.
The video could have a double meaning, one being of human purity, how its staged in heavenly whiteness and the people being transparent with nothing to hide, Hence, they are in harmony as equals.
But It cant be help that the video also has a sexual connotation.

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