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A lone guitar and an unforgettable melody begin, then
three voices join in harmony - it's the start of This Is
Where I Came In. With that title-track and the album that
follows, you're connecting again with what is best about
the Bee Gees, the essence of their four decades of writing
and performing pop hits, new music that's fresh and
inspiring, and those incredible vocals. "Yes, it's the
harmonies," Maurice Gibb says, "they're what keep people
coming back to us." Harmonies, melodies, heartbeat rhythms
- that's what makes the More...

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Review about The Bee Gees songs
mood lifter | Reviewer: Sanjeev Kakati
    ------ About the song Spirits Having Flown performed by The Bee Gees

This is one song I would like to hear all through the day for all the energy and sensual singing of the fabulous Bee Gees.
For a while the opening was my ringtone on the mobile.
Having grown in the 70s this song brings a lot of memories
Herbie Mann's flute at the end is so fitting

Brings Me Back | Reviewer: Anthony
    ------ About the song Love You Inside Out performed by The Bee Gees

Summers wouldn't have been the same without the music from that era. So many songs of days past bring on a rush of memories. Some are bittersweet but most are happy. the Bee Gees sound was like no other and this song especially brings tears to my eyes. Not only for the longing I have for my youth, but also for the girl who got away. The words and arrangement have such a profound meaning for anyone who lived that experience. The late 70's saw artists putting out some of the best music ever and the Bee Gees were at the top of their game.

Never Stop Singing | Reviewer: SuperDude
    ------ About the song Closer Than Close performed by The Bee Gees

I just can't stop singing to this one. You can't tell me this is the worst song ever. What's that? You diss this song? GRRRR! I remember this from somewhere in the Mythology, and I can't take that CD out, I just love it. I remember hearing it for the first time a few years ago, and it's just amazing, catchy, I actually jumped around on my bed during this song once and broke it. Yeah, weird.

Well all the more reason to like it then, isn't it? I remember doing that about five years ago, when I had the Still Waters album. I got it seven years ago, and now when I listen to this song on the Mythology, it makes me remember that album.

It's the only One | Reviewer: SuperDude
    ------ About the song One performed by The Bee Gees

Title says it. I give this a quadrillion out of ten. Bee Gees are probably ruling the world right now, or if they don't they should. Forget about Adele, forget about 1D, it's all about the Bee Gees!

Let me tell you this; I have had this album since 2002. It was just awesome. Everyone should be taking the Bee Gees as their perfect exemplar when they start their career being a singer/songwriter. If not, they are just totally out of their mind. I know that when I start my music career, I will definitely look up to the Bee Gees, especially with songs like this, with just an amazing harmony. I am dead serious here.

underrated tune | Reviewer: all Kohlmeier
    ------ About the song Spirits Having Flown performed by The Bee Gees

I have played this song countless times. whenever I play it I have to listen to it again. I can never play this song just once. having grown up in the 70's, I was so busy listening to Rush, Zeppelin, Springsteen, and all of the other rock music of that era this song somehow passed me by. I agree with all the other reviews here. this is a very magical song. I love listening to it at night with all the stars out. it truly does take you somewhere special. and lyric is really true.

one's | Reviewer: piet
    ------ About the song Don't Forget To Remember performed by The Bee Gees

In 1970 I fall in love , it was my first real love. This song still makes me
said. I am allready 40 years married with the most lovely woman that
exist. But I would like to meet my first love but she does't want it.
That even makes me more said.

Lyrically Unique | Reviewer: Kevin Carroll
    ------ About the song Close Another Door performed by The Bee Gees

From Bee Gees 1st, this song is pleasant and lively enough, but when you consider the lyrics, and the fact that the boys were in their late teens when they wrote it, it becomes something special. The Gibb boys showed an unnatural understanding of what it might be like to be old, unwanted for wither family, employment, anything.

Robin's vocals soar at the end,lending a flourishing finish to an otherwise pedestrian song. Unfortunately,it's hard to understand him. The lyrics printed here are the closest I've found for the finale.

The last album of their first run of fame | Reviewer: Benny Hygum
    ------ About the song Odessa performed by The Bee Gees

I was a fan from the moment when I first heard "Spicks and Specks" and each of their following issues were gratefully received. "Odessa" as well, although it was a little different in style from their previous albums. But one thing that immediately caught my attention was Maurices powerful bass-lines in especcially "Odessa" and "Marley..." The album has, if anything, only grown in my opinion over the years, and to me represents the Bee Gees at the pinnacle of their career. And to quote Bill Shepherd, which I read somewhere once said " Lets build it beautifully", this album indeed is beautifully build!

the sun will shine | Reviewer: gerd
    ------ About the song Rings Around The Moon performed by The Bee Gees

without the Bee Gees......? My Heart My Soul My Blues......When I'm sad,lonely,tired,angry....Bee Gees are my medicine one day all the croud who joke now about the Bee Gees will find out what this cold world loose

H. Rider Haggard meets rock and roll. | Reviewer: billydavid
    ------ About the song Odessa performed by The Bee Gees

The Bee Gees early work has an Edwardian psychedelic feel to it. It may owe something to British music hall tradition as you see bits of it in songs like Penny Lane by the Beatles, a lot of early Kinks and even the Small Faces, esp. the Ogden Nut Gone Flake album, and other '60s British bands. But the Bee Gees really owned it. Coupled w/ their penchant for stream of consciousness/free association lyrics, it made for some unique haunting music that's very hard to pigeonhole. The Odessa album is the culmination of that trend in their music though it manifests itself later on esp. in the Cucumber Castle album. Nostalgia for the glory days of the British Empire seems like a strange thing to drive a rock band, but they made it work. I would say that the Bee Gees are a guilty pleasure, but i've always enjoyed them guilt free. They weren't "heavy" in the parlance of the times, but they went their own way at a time when many of their [slightly older] contemporaries were slavishly copying American Blues idioms [not that there's anything wrong w/ that, per se]. And some of the lushest, most passionate vocals ever. They may not have had the swagger of the stars of their day, but they had something much rarer and precious. "It's only words", but they sang them and used them like no one else. Maurice, Robin, you are missed.

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