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A lone guitar and an unforgettable melody begin, then three voices join in harmony - it's the start of This Is Where I Came In. With that title-track and the album that follows, you're connecting again with what is best about the Bee Gees, the essence of their four decades of writing and performing pop hits, new music that's fresh and inspiring, and those incredible vocals. "Yes, it's the harmonies," Maurice Gibb says, "they're what keep people coming back to us." Harmonies, melodies, heartbeat rhythms - that's what makes the Bee Gees' songs constant in the soundtrack of our lives. We've fallen in love to the accompaniment of "How Deep Is Your Love" and "To Love Somebody," hit the dancefloor to "You Should Be Dancin'" and "Stayin' Alive," sought hope with "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart." With This Is Where I Came In, the magic continues.

Keeping the faith with their legendary past while continuing to explore new ground, the Bee Gees once more reinvent themselves. "This album is us, " Barry says, "it's very honest, and it reflects our feelings about everything that's happened to us in the past 30 years."

"With some of the songs, we go back to our roots," Maurice says of the creative process here. "We also tried something different," adds Robin Gibb. "Each of us worked on our own songs and then on songs together." It's the best of both worlds, individual talent and unified strength ("When the three of us get together, it's like we become one," the brothers say). The range of This Is Where I Came In is dazzling - from the guitar-driven "She Keeps on Coming" to the gospel-tinged "The Extra Mile" to the downright rocking "Voices in the Wilderness." Note the assurance of Maurice's singing on "Man in the Middle" and Robin's and Barry's interplay on "Wedding Day." Listen to the ensemble singing on "Walking On Air," a fond nod to the Beach Boys, and the Noel Coward-like panache of "Technicolor Dreams."

Working out of their own Middle Ear Studio in Miami, the Bee Gees produced themselves this time around. "Working that way has always been good for us," Maurice says, "ever since we began making records in a studio that was a converted butcher shop back in Australia. And we like the freshness of early takes - because they really capture the emotion."

Raised on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea, the brothers Gibb were born into music - their father, Hugh, a bandleader, their mother, Barbara, a singer. By nine years old, Barry was already singing and practicing on a guitar his dad had given him, accompanied (on plastic banjos at first) by six year old twins Robin and Maurice. Robin's and Barry's unique vocals would become group trademarks, and Maurice would go on to distinguish himself on guitar, bass and keyboards. The late '50s saw the boys' professional debut, miming the day's hits at Saturday morning shows in local cinemas in Manchester England. Still pre-teens, they moved with their parents to Australia, where, billed as the Rattlesnakes, they performed at racetrack gigs in Brisbane. After achieving their first number one hit Down Under, "Spicks & Specks" released in 1966, the
trio now known as the Bee Gees hit Swinging London in 1967.

Managed by Robert Stigwood, a partner of Beatles' impresario Brian Epstein, the Bee Gees took England - and the '60s - by storm. Debuting with 1967's Bee Gees 1st, they became masters of the hit single, creating three-minute gems that, in the tradition of Roy Orbison and Phil Spector, remain mini-dramas of sweep and intensity. Lyrically evocative ("We were painting pictures with words," they now say) and melodically irresistible, classics like "1941 New York Mining Disaster," "I Started A Joke," "Massachusetts," "Holiday" and "Words" still stand among the greatest of that decade's songs. They balance The Bee Gees' gift for both craft and emotive.

As an early indication of their soulful direction, something that would emerge in full in the decade that followed, "To Love Somebody" was written expressly for Otis Redding, the R&B giant whom Robin cites as his chief vocal influence. As album artists, too, the trio were groundbreakers - 1969's Odessa, for instance, ranks alongside the Who's Tommy as a vanguard concept album.

With "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart" topping charts at the start of the decade, the Bee Gees soared in the '70s. By the middle of that decade, the Bee Gees had moved firmly in the direction they called "blue-eyed soul" and their falsetto vocals, rhythmic assurance and surging bass-lines signified a new R&B power. For the brothers, bringing on the funk meant reviving the passion for rhythm and blues they'd had from the beginning. Main Course , produced by Arif Mardin (Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding), electrified clubs and ballrooms in 1977 with "Jive Talkin'"and "Nights on Broadway." It was only the preamble, however, to Saturday Night Fever, which became the most popular album of the decade and went on to sell 40 million copies.

Spirits Having Flown ("Tragedy," "Too Much Heaven," "Love You Inside Out") then solidified their status as the biggest band in the world, and during this time they became the only artists in history to write and produce six consecutive number one hits and the only ones to have five songs in the U.S. Top 10 at the same time.

It was in the late '70s that another Gibb stepped forward. Taken under Barry's wing, 19 year-old Andy Gibb triumphed in 1978 with three #1 singles ("I Just Want to Be Your Everything," "(Love Is) Thicker than Water" and "Shadow Dancing."

In the '80s, the Bee Gees branched out, working on solo projects and writing. Barry and his production team of Alby Galuten and Karl Richardson spent the early part of the decade collaborating with titans: Barbra Streisand (the entire Guilty album which produced three Top 10 hits: "Guilty," "Woman in Love," "What Kind of Fool"), Diana Ross ("Chain Reaction"), Dionne Warwick ("Heartbreaker") and Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers ("Islands in the Stream"). Bee Gees songs, Barry's productions, these partnerships resulted in some of the most successful music of the artists' careers. The cornerstone partnership - the alliance of the brothers themselves - revived spectacularly with the #1 U.K. success of "You Win Again," and with the global success of the title-track of One.

The Bee Gees headed into the '90s by returning to concert stages for the first time in a decade with a stadium tour de force on five continents. Following closely on incredible worldwide success of their "One Night Only" television special, memorialized in the platinum-selling One Night Only album and Top 10 DVD, the sold-out stadium concerts, and on the fascination for the Bee Gees generated by the broadcast of a VH1 "Legends" and A&E "Biography," This Is Where I Came In builds on one of the most enduring legacies in contemporary music, and is the first all-new studio album for the Bee Gees since the release of their platinum Still Waters album in May 1997.

With worldwide sales well in excess of 100 million albums, the Bee Gees are not just the only artists to have scored #1 hits in each decade from the '60s to the '90s, but the most successful trio in history. Saturday Night Fever remains the world's best-selling soundtrack and the template for song-driven film soundtracks to this day.

The seven-time Grammy Award winners have been honored by induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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Excellent | Reviewer: Traci Kreider | 5/29/14

I haven't gone to any of Barry's Mythology Tour 2014 , but I have seen the youtube videos and have read all the reviews. But no many times I watch and read I am in awe of his presence and strong vocals on stage..

Keep going barry, and please come to GA anywhere I will follow. I wanted to be at the Chicago concert, but my son is getting marrie. And heading to Japan for 2 yrs as a marine . And, my husband works with the dept of defense schools as a teacher and we have to arrive there by the first. So I couldn't make it . But until I get to see you in person I won't ever give up.

The Bee Gees & Me | Reviewer: John Mack Flanagan | 2/5/14

I first heard the Bee Gees in 1967 at Ft. Huachuca (Wa-Chu-Ka) in southern Arizona. I was a U.S.Army draftee during the Vietnam war. I was very impressed by the Bee Gees sound, I became a BIG fan. Prior to the Army, during the Army and after the Army for 32 years I was a Disc Jockey and on-air Radio Personality. I played all the Bee Gee hits. They were my favorite. In 1978 I met and worked with Andy Gibb, he was special! God he was something! Also in 1978 I met Barry, Robin and Maurice ( Morris) Gibb. They hired me to do the commercials for their 1978 World Tour, "The Saturday Night Fever Tour". The Bee Gees liked me, I was Billboard Jock of the Year finalist at 610 KFRC, San Francisco. I made a chunk of change off the Bee Gees it's among my proudest accomplishments. Last week I saw Barry Gibb on TV (twice). He's back! On tour! God Bless Barry Gibb. You're special Barry, and I'm so glad you're around, My favorite Bee Gees song? "Massachusetts" "One" "I Started a Joke" How Can You Mend a Broken Heart", oh heck I love them all! God Bless the Special, Special voices and talents that are the Bee Gees, you've provided my life with such important moments, I love you all. John

Story of my life | Reviewer: R G Trumps | 12/29/13

I heard the Bee Gees in the early '60s & I was hooked for life. My childhood sweetheard, from age 11 on, had the score of our love written & sung by te Brothers Gibb. My Danya & I shared a love that deepened over 48 years of marriage & 6 yrs of courting. My Danya ended in death Oct 27, 2012. My greatest source of solace is the Bee Gees. For me, I owe the Brothers so much for helping me love my Danya more & more! We shall be together again! My love & ratitude to the 4 Brothers for nearly 60 years of fuel for my love. God bless!


BEST TRIO/GROUP | Reviewer: GABE PUENTES | 4/17/13

Being born in 1971 and a much thank you to my parents, I was able to listen to one of the, if not, best trio/group of a lifetime. I was able to experiance the disco music but now I plan on listening to all of their other music. My co-workers laugh at me but what do they know about music? Their song "You Should Be Dancing" gets my blood pumping while "How Deep Is Your Love" can bring out the romance. I will make sure to keep their music going in my family. Already have my 8yr. old daughter and 11yr. old son jamming to their music and Andy Gibb's music. You'll never be forgotten. May God bless you all.

Bee Gees Crack | Reviewer: soulmanzrangerkind | 2/25/13

I was introduced to the Bee Gees by my mom in the late nineties with their One Night Only concert and CD. I was in elementary school at the time and honestly grew to hate them simply because my mom blasted that CD so many times on a Saturday morning when I was trying to sleep. After a well deserved break from the Bee Gees through my teenage years and an immersion into the typical alternative hipster rock that every modern young adult from Seattle listens to, at age 23 I rediscovered that old One Night Only CD and started playing it at work. I was blown away by the harmonies (now that I'm actually old enough to appreciate something like that) and now I can't get enough of the Bee Gees - even got my coworker completely addicted. I've even taken to buying songs from their old albums and have been blown away by the sheer number of songs they have written and/or performed (even a lot of popular singles sung by other artists were written by them!).

These guys were freaking talented and have reinvented themselves in EVERY decade to remain relevant - probably the reason that they are the only band to have number ones in every decade. It's truly unfair to categorize them as simply a Disco fad (even though they were indeed that for a time) or pop act (mind you, I hate pop music). They've gone from early 60's bubble gum pop to Beatles-esque boy band to alternative folky 70's rock artists to Disco Kings to being on the forefront of the 80's percussion/synthesizer rock wave (Maurice's pension for the latest music gadgets started to shine here) to a genre-defying transcendant sound in the 90s and early 00's that rocked everyone's socks. You can't even say that about the Beatles or Paul McCartney, no matter how talented they all were.

I really feel like their music is like some sort of drug - once you try it, you can't ever stop unless you go cold turkey. Now I'm planning to blast that same One Night Only CD when my kid is in elementary school so that he/she can one day appreciate the genius that is the Bee Gees. I apologize ahead of time, future child, but the Bee Gees legacy must continue!

God's Greatest Gifts | Reviewer: Arnie | 1/16/13

While growing up in the mid 60's I can remember this group coming into the limelight. I can't remember why but their lyrics and harmony ment something to me. I have three very special songs of theirs that I never stop listening to. One, "For Whom The Bell Tolls". If I could say that they sound like angels I would. Second, "Immortality". Third, "First of May". These are three special songs that truly said something to me in my life. I pray that heavens gate where wide open when their time came. I would love to hear them again. But the sad thing is that there's one one remaining. God bless Barry.

God's Gift to Mankind | Reviewer: Marife david | 9/26/12

Listening to the Bee Gees Music is like being flown in paradise sitting with the angels and the Almighty God! Every line the Bee Gees put together in their songs gravitates anyone with musically inclined. I feel for Barry and admires his strength. Barry may you reconcile with the pains of your brothers' passing. Easy for me to say but I pray that the sweet Lord grant you everlasting strength. Warm regards and love to you and to the Gibbs family.

never forget | Reviewer: Karen | 5/22/12

I bought my first Bee Gees album in 1964. I have been a fan since I was 8yrs old. their songs had sooo much feeling and meaning and always kept up with the times. Harmony out the WAZOU. I will always love them and will continue enjoying their music and appreciating their amazing talent, no matter how old I get! They used their talent to the fullest, and even when time has passed us by, they're music will live on. God Blessed the Bee Gees with amazing tallent and dedicated Fans.

youngest beegees fan | Reviewer: capt. Soap MacTavish | 4/23/12

i think, i am the youngest fan of beegees cause i love thier songs since i was 4, i really love them because of their "too much heaven" voices. Hehehe.... Their "words" use in the lyrics of every song s spectacular. Sometyms i usede their song "to love somebody". I luv u beegees i hope u can have a concert in philippines evn maurice s n heaven now. Make more songs both of u. Cause ur legend will continue.

one | Reviewer: debra willis | 12/12/09

just wanted to say thanks to barry gibb for singing the perfect song and making it so great that my great late friend michael jackson for many years gave me the cd ones and he circled the song one on the cover and said that this will always be our song.words can not say what comfort that song has bought to me many times over sense michael's passing in june. michael always wanted to take me to meet barry one of these days, and how i wish that could have happened. barry if you do read this, know that michael really respected and cherished your friendship and many times over always said that when i had the chance to meet you, that i would be meeting one of the greatest entertainers of a lifetime. well i do not know if i will ever get that chance again sense michael has passed, he really wanted to take me to meet you. so maybe you could call me or write to me and send me a pic of you. if you would it would be so heartfelt on this end. thank you for all the great songs and a voice made in heaven. your friend & fan in the usa. thank you for your time

debra willis 252-732-5623
552 newport loop road
newport, north carolina 28570

Bee Gees in OZ | Reviewer: Steve Borrow | 10/10/09

The Bee Gees were regularly featured on the popular Australian live music show Bandstand back in the very early sixties. I remember them singing the Lonnie Donegan classic, My Old Man's a Dustman, to great acclaim. They dressed in waistcoats and Barry towered over his two younger siblings. In about 1966 they recorded Spicks and Specks and decided to go back to the UK to try their luck there. They secured some international recognition with First of May, New York Mining Disaster, To Love Somebody, and Words, but lost their way for a time. Cucumber Castle was a weird detour, and then they came back with the disco age. Those amazing falsetto harmonies over a thumping bottom sound and uncoriographed dance steps gave dancing an egalitarian quality – everyone could look OK on the dance floor. The Bee Gees will always have a special place in the hearts of my generation of Australians, because this is where they grew into men and launched their spectacular careers.

I have always loved their songs... | Reviewer: Jack | 10/3/09

I have always felt the beauty in the BeeGees songs, there is a real beauty in their mixed voices,the harmony , the melody and the words. Also I like the unusual guitar chords in their music. Jack Nehme

WORLD SUPERGROUP THE BEE GEES | Reviewer: John | 8/4/09

Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys was asked: "Who are the greatest group of all time?" His response was "The Bee Gees".

Thank you Barry,Robin & Maurice for your music in my life. I have followed you since the 1960's and will continue to do so till I am gone. I am sure Maurice is looking down saying: "Get together brothers, there's more music to be made".
The charts are useless without the Bee Gees.

Biography | Reviewer: Mike Flinn | 11/10/08

I had the Bee Gees Biography on VHS tape, but the tape was bad, I also had other Bee Gees stuff on tape but the whole tape is bad, I tried looking for it on the A & E site, but didn't see it. Does anybody know where I can get it? Thanx, Mike

A BeeGees lover | Reviewer: Sincerely Pureheart | 2/5/08

The BeeGees means to me my whole life, I'm in deep love with their spritual voices, that's recoded in my heart, most of their songs remind me of some years of my life.
I wish to listen to more new songs, as they said on "This is where came in" they won't stop giving to the world even when they're on 'wheel chairs' may god give them health and strength.

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