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Mariah Carey The Beautiful Ones Lyrics

Last updated: 06/06/2014 07:19:54 AM

Baby, baby, baby
What's it gonna be?
Baby, baby, baby
Is it him or is it me?
Don't make me waste my time
Don't make me lose my mind baby
Baby, baby, baby
Can't you stay with me tonight?
Oh baby, baby, baby
Don't my kisses please you right?
You were so hard to find
The beautiful ones, they hurt you every time
Paint a perfect picture
Bring to life a vision in one's mind
The beautiful ones, The beautiful ones
They always smash the picture
Always every time

MC: If I told you baby
That I was in love with you
Oh Baby, baby, baby
If we got married
Would that be cool?
You make me so confused
The beautiful ones
You always seems to lose baby
Baby, Yes they do...
Baby, baby,
Yes they do...

The beautiful ones, The beautiful ones
MC: Baby
Siqo: I got one thing back in my mind,
The beautiful ones, The beautiful ones

Siqo: Listen, do U want him?
MC: I...
Siqo: Or do U want me?
MC: I...
Sisqo: Cause I want U
MC: Want U....
Sisqo: Yes I do baby
I want U
Allright baby
I want U
MC: I want U
Baby, baby, baby, baby, yeah
Sisqo: Baby, baby, baby, baby, allright listen
MC&S: See I may not know where I'm going
MC: Baby, I may not know
I said I may not know
What I need
What I need, what I need, what I need
Sisqo: But one thing
MC&S: One thing's 4 certain baby
I know what I want
And that's to please U baby
Please U baby
MC: And I'm begging down on my knees
I want U, I want U
U, oh I need you
MC&S: so bad, so bad
MC: I want U
Why, oh why, oh why
Baby yeah, oh baby, baby, baby
Baby, baby, baby
Sisqo: U want Sisqo
MC: Stay here with me
Sisqo: You wanna love me, love me
MC: Me, me, me...
Sisqo: Or throw me away
I gotta know
MC&S: I gotta know, gotta know
Sisqo: Baby, baby,
MC: Baby, baby yeah
I need you, baby, baby, baby
I need you
Tell me why
The beuatiful ones
MC&S: They hurt U everytime...

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MC and sisqo =amaaaazing! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/14

I've been a fan of MC ever since I could remember, I love her and sisqo'a voices together . It got me emotional thinking of past relationships I've endured. This song really speaks and has deep emotion like most of her songs and I like music that can make you feel. Never heard princes version but MC killed it!

ADDICTING... | Reviewer: PrinceLover | 3/22/14

I love how prince sang this song, but then Mariah comes and slays it, her voice just melts like butter in the beginning then soars at the end, I'm addicted to her version from low notes to high belted notes to whistle notes to soul, this version has it all... #Respect

The beautiful ones | Reviewer: Indigo | 7/5/12

I first heard this song when i was still in primary school and i instantly loved it, never heard any other version, now i want to hear them. But this is my favourite song of all time.

Amazing! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/11

I love this version, you can feel the pain in her voice.. that desperate hopeless feeling when you lost control in a relationship. Everyone knows that feeling and everyone can relate. Absolutely beautiful!

PERFECTO! | Reviewer: Liiinda | 7/12/11

I first discovered this song as a child in 5th or 6th grade by Mariah/Dru Hill and instantly fell in love. As an adult, I recently heard Prince's version and, maybe I'm biased because I heard MC's first but, Mariah's version SLLLLAAAYYYS Prince's. Her version is just...perfect: the harmonies, the slower tempo, everything...mmmh, YUMMY.

OBVIOUSLY you've got to give credit where it's due, and he's GENIUS for this beautiful song, but his version, in comparison, is just kinda...weird.


Ok.... | Reviewer: Antiproton2009 | 2/19/10

I can't believe there are people here who has the nerve to sarcastically comment on MC's cover. If you dont like it, just say so. It is obvious that the original is always the best, but makes it interesting is that MC goes beyond interpreting it the same and leaps forward by making the song as if it was her own.

sucks | Reviewer: scotty | 2/4/10

I cant believe anyone had the nerve to cover this song,much less such an annoying vocalist as MC.You cant touch the original;not only in vocals,but also the general arrangement and instrumentation(like bobby z`s distinctive simmons/syndrum sounds)This cover was as embarrassing as every other I`ve ever heard.

Da best!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/09

This is the best vocal arrangement of all the 8000 songs on my iPod!!!! Mariah n sisqo tore it up from da floor up... I heard prince's origi version and could not believe mariah n sisqo performed such a miracle!!!!!

fantastic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/9/08

i love this song it makes me feel like im in love again and all the emotions that go along with being in love.. thank you dru hill and thank you my baby gurl mariah - your fierce and your a true singer dahling

Love this song | Reviewer: tray from the bay | 9/8/07

Yeah there's no doubt Prince is the champ but MC tore this song the hell up!!! NO LIE What a great tribute to a great man but come on..MC is a legend in her own right!!

Top 3 Prince cover | Reviewer: JTP | 3/18/07

uh uh, this was first sung on Prince's Purple Rain Album.

One of my all time Prince favs, this slow jam is on par with the original or even better.

The beauttiful Ones was better when the writer sang it PRINCE! | Reviewer: Thineyez | 5/23/06

Did you know that Prince wrote and sang that song on the "Sign of the Times" album? No one could sing the song better than the original KID. If you liked Mariah's take on the song should here Prince sing it!

good | Reviewer: caroline | 2/18/06

hi,this is my all time slow jam from mariah carey!!i love the song,i listen to it over and over again!!even if it was released long ago!!this is brilliant music from mariah!!keep it up girl!!you are the best female musician!