The Beatles Lyrics

FORMED: 1960, Liverpool, England

Inspired by the "skiffle boom", a student at Quarry Bank
School in Liverpool named John Lennon decided to form a
group in 1957 which laid the foundation to what was to
become the most famous rock band of all time. John's
original name was "The Blackjacks". However, this name only
lasted a week and John used the school name as inspiration
for the later name "The Quarry Men" in March 1957. John
sang and played guitar, Colin Hanton played drums, Eric
Griffiths on guitar, Pete Shotton on More...

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Review about The Beatles songs
jean naidoo | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da performed by The Beatles

Ohhh wat a lovely song. My 4 year old simply loves it. He sleeps and gets up singing desmond and molly. Taught him the 1st two parts of the song. I think its a not serious but fun song. Obladi obladah.

Cheating. | Reviewer: Evan
    ------ About the song Cry Baby Cry performed by The Beatles

Yes, I think that this song is about cheating. In short, the king is cheating on his queen with a friend that "came to play". They have a heated discussion about it later when she finds out. This conversation is interrupted by their children who find out about the cheating while eavesdropping. The main lyric "cry baby cry" is simply the queen wanting the children to cry because she is the one that spends the most time with them. But, surprisingly, they have no reaction.

Theme song for spouse who's 64th BD is July 8, 2014 | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song When I'm Sixty-Four performed by The Beatles

This has been my husband and my "theme song" since we got married in 1971. We said that we would stay married until we were 64, then, at that time, we would have the option to decide whether or not to stay married! Well, he's now got 6 days left to decide! .....but then, it'll be my turn :^) No matter, it's been a great, terrific 43 and 1/2 years! What an adventure!!!! We'd do it all over again!!!!!!

beatle love | Reviewer: lennon girl
    ------ About the song Rock and Roll Music performed by The Beatles

I fell in love with the beatles last year, and ever since I've been one of their biggest fans! I just love them soooooo much!!!! And their music is just AMAZING! This song, even though it's a cover, is just great and i luv it!
The Beatles will live forever! We love you!
R.I.P. John and George♥♥

Ah love mah baby girl | Reviewer: Jonathan
    ------ About the song Words of Love performed by The Beatles

Yeah baby am the big boy ah get money ah get fans all around the word and ah love you give me your heart pls every day and nigth ah use to dream about of you mah heart loves you

Inspired music ! Beatles | Reviewer: John
    ------ About the song She's A Woman performed by The Beatles

The Beatles were a great and inspired band. If you want to know the truth of life, google truth contest and read the Present. There's a section on the Beatles and the magic behind their music.

Enjoy this poem of love | Reviewer: Anonymus
    ------ About the song If I Fell performed by The Beatles

I've read your comments about this song, and i only invite you to enjoy this lyric. This is an excellent poem of love that makes me cry, too. So, please sing and feel the lyric, it is more that a song.

cambridgejohnny | Reviewer: cambridgejohnny
    ------ About the song Strawberry Fields Forever performed by The Beatles

The lyrics from Strawberry Fields Forever come from ramblings that John wrote down while tripping back in 1966. John had read that some people felt he was some kind of musical genius or something, and it was suggested that he might just be able to create lyrics off the top of his head, and that the subsequent confusion amongst fans might be very comical. Also, he'd read about artists like Andy Warhol who might paint a Campbell's Soup can, and call it modern art as a sort of joke, and just see how the public reacted. It was in that spirit during which, for a while in the mid to late sixties that John would take LSD, and jot down thoughts that came into his head. Thus, Strawberry Fields Forever. Anyway, those of us who grew up in the sixties knew a lot of the rock lyrics were kind of silly. We liked the TUNES. We knew they were brilliant. As to the lyrics of this song, they are not really supposed to be taken literally at all. Just join along for the ride: a collage of open thoughts while tripping.

That's the one every guy can relate to | Reviewer: geffy
    ------ About the song No Reply performed by The Beatles

That was me standing in the street looking up and seeing her face
How John can sing that way and make you feel like it's you actually being part of the story is magical and quite surreal.

awesome and absolutely perfect for those folks celebrating their 64th birthdy!!! | Reviewer: vicente lim, jr
    ------ About the song When I'm Sixty-Four performed by The Beatles

absolutely perfect, the lyrics of the song fits exactly for those folks celebrating their 64th birthday, the lyrics remind the nostalgic events in one's life the past, present and future developments of growing up - older,
in course of its journey sailing forward toward happy life and graceful exist to a better world...vtljr.

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