The Beatles Lyrics

FORMED: 1960, Liverpool, England

Inspired by the "skiffle boom", a student at Quarry Bank
School in Liverpool named John Lennon decided to form a
group in 1957 which laid the foundation to what was to
become the most famous rock band of all time. John's
original name was "The Blackjacks". However, this name only
lasted a week and John used the school name as inspiration
for the later name "The Quarry Men" in March 1957. John
sang and played guitar, Colin Hanton played drums, Eric
Griffiths on guitar, Pete Shotton on More...

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Review about The Beatles songs
After all these years | Reviewer: Celeste
    ------ About the song I Will performed by The Beatles

I was about 18 when I first heard this song by the Beatles.
That was about 42 years ago!
I just heard it again as a movie ending and realized that the singer has never met the love in the song. It's the love that we all carry in our hearts and wish for!
But I did have a love that I lost and although I've made a great life for myself and am very happily married I'll always still love the one that got away.
There's room enough for many loves in a heart.

    ------ About the song I Am the Walrus performed by The Beatles

Firstly,if you need meaning, the reviewer named "Idiots",is most accurate, it was designed by Lennon in response to a school attempting to actually study Beatles lyrics, and dissect them.

But a discussion of this song, is far better, to get into interpretation, and trivia.
You can see that 300 people have reviewed this, and on this site, most great songs, get two or three.

George Martin, in interviews, waxes eloquently, as to how he was very displeased at being presented with this tune, to record. He was ticked at John for writing it, and tried to get the band to discard it, before recording.

He also feels the need to illustrate how he strongly "disapproved of the boy's drug use"(to say nothing of his probably using hot toddies, martinis, tobacco, etc.,unless he didn't) .

But the Beatles had the best wisdom, and spent a lot of time, on this stunning gem.

George Martin, of course, was so, so great, and together, they prepared this classic, with all the wonderful effects.

Last year, I listened to it, about 60 times, in a month, even though of course, I heard it in the day.

It may be a good idea, for fans to provide their own interpretation.
I do,and then the songs carry further significance.

Some Things | Reviewer: Frank
    ------ About the song Maxwell's Silver Hammer performed by The Beatles

"Maxwell stands alone, painting testimonial pictures:In jail, Lecter drew often." That verse describes Maxwell giving testimony on the stand in court. It has nothing to do with painting or drawing as Hannibal did.

"She came in through the bathroom window references Tuesday Weld and the Manson murders" There is nothing about coming in through a window in this song.

"My son has wanted to know what all they say because they both like to hear all the background voices." The background voices sing "do do dooo do". When Rose and Valerie scream he must go free, the background voices say "Maxwell must go free".

I always wondered why Maxwell is studying medicine, but then he's in school like grammar school. It seems to be a flashback to an earlier time in his life. He kills Joan. Flash back to him killing the teacher. Then it's back to the present. After killing Joan, Max goes on a killing spree. He's caught and tried.

Simply the best | Reviewer: Dave V
    ------ About the song Free As A Bird performed by The Beatles

Those fans who accepted The Beatles as a group should'nt be slaging off any particular member (i.e P.M.). We all agree that there has not really been a group to touch them since we lost John and more recently George. They were The Beatles, so this song is a tribute to all four of them and will forever remain so. The only other group that have stood the sands of time and can be compared with the Beatles as being way way ahead of their time is Queen. Lets not argue about who wrote which lyrics or music, just sit back and enjoy knowing that we at least had the opportunity to be living it at the time.

Memories | Reviewer: Alan
    ------ About the song In My Life performed by The Beatles

This is a song which always sings in my mind when I have a moment of bluesand or when I want to come back to my teen days.I can hear clearly the voice of John Lennon,Paul McCartney.This beautiful song makes me return back in my college HAPPY DAYS with my friends and even our teachers.Like it says,some memories may have gone ,but some wil always remain vivid and forever in my mind as if it was yesterday.though 45 years have elapsed.For me.this song is together with WE ARE THE WORLD AND LET IT BE.the 3 most beautiful songs I have heard.

Robert Meredith Willson | Reviewer: Alec
    ------ About the song Till There was You performed by The Beatles

The composer of this song was Robert Meredith Willson, he white this and another ones for his Broadway musical 'the music man'in the '50, later it was greatly covered by The Beatles. Great song.

    ------ About the song When I'm Sixty-Four performed by The Beatles

In the summer of 1970 I was ninteen years old and was part of a dixie band at "Man and his world" in Montreal, Canada. We made an arrangement of this song and I was the one who sang it. Now I will be turning 64 on november the 12th! Went by so fast!

What I Think | Reviewer: gunface
    ------ About the song Happiness is a Warm Gun performed by The Beatles

"She's not a girl" is the heroin itself, "she's well acquainted" and following lyrics are images while on or coming down "I need a fix".

"jump the gun" cooking it up

"When I hold you in my arm", not arms, inserting the needle into a vein.

"Happiness is a warm gun" the heated cooked heroin

"Nobody can do me no harm" you are in your own little world

"Bang, bang, shoot, shoot" bang or banging is often referred as shooting dope.

"OH yah" the felling of just getting off

Now add George's fuzz guitar, it's a musical image and feeling of heroin reaching the brain.

Magical Music | Reviewer: John
    ------ About the song No Reply performed by The Beatles

The Beatles were more than musicians...they were prophets.

You can feel the magic in their music. Google truth contest and read the Present if you seek truth and inspiration. There's even a section on the Beatles and the magic behind their music.

Number9 alright | Reviewer: Ilan
    ------ About the song Revolution 9 performed by The Beatles

Personally I for some reason enjoy this song and think its cool, i don't find anything meaningful about it i just like the sounds, there is one part I find pretty cool though is when he says "only to find the night watchmen unaware of his presence in the building"

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