The Beatles Lyrics

FORMED: 1960, Liverpool, England

Inspired by the "skiffle boom", a student at Quarry Bank
School in Liverpool named John Lennon decided to form a
group in 1957 which laid the foundation to what was to
become the most famous rock band of all time. John's
original name was "The Blackjacks". However, this name only
lasted a week and John used the school name as inspiration
for the later name "The Quarry Men" in March 1957. John
sang and played guitar, Colin Hanton played drums, Eric
Griffiths on guitar, Pete Shotton on More...

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Review about The Beatles songs
A Rock-n-Roll Classic For All Time | Reviewer: JOOD
    ------ About the song Yellow Submarine performed by The Beatles

We sang this song in music class when I was in elementary school. Beats the heck out of "Sing, Sing a Song (Na Na Na-Na)" (BLEEECCCHHH!) by the Carpenters. Stomps the snot out of the corporate pop posers like Justin Beaver who have ZERO talent and ZERO cool (PUUUUKKKE!). This simple ditty is such great campy psychedelic fun. I've seen the Muppets do it on Sesame Street, it's great for religious retreats when you have a bonfire and smores, it's great for "star parties" - especially when someone has a telescope and is hosting a viewing bash to show a bright comet or a lunar or solar eclipse event or something. (Anything from Pink Floyd also is great for these events!). I first saw the animated Beatles title movie at a party and it's totally a trip, a real blast! The cultural legacy is far reaching - modern robot scientific subs are usually yellow, and this song was a big time fave of grunge king Curt Cobain RIP 1967-1994. It was sung at his funeral. Also, "yellow submarine" has entered the lexicon as a slang name along with "doobie", "joint", "J", "reefer" and more for a marijuana cigarette. This is music that is essential for life itself!

Not What You Might Think | Reviewer: Lola Woodman
    ------ About the song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds performed by The Beatles

This song is not about psychedelic drugs. It's an interpretation of a school drawing presented to John by one of his sons. That John could glean all that magical imagery from a kid's artwork only serves to further illustrate the scope and depth of his genius.

Drugs and Lucy | Reviewer: Pat
    ------ About the song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds performed by The Beatles

For all you druggies out there, I hate to ruin your drugged filled vision of this song, but Lucy in the Sky was written about a painting that John Lennon's son Julian painted. It is childlike innocence that you see filling this song not drugged induced utopia!

Those Teen Years | Reviewer: Wrangler
    ------ About the song No Reply performed by The Beatles

I can imagine this song based on a true story involving John in his teen years. He was a rebel that any set of parents wouldn't have wanted their daughter to hang with. They told her no, they told John she wasn't home, yet she peaked out the curtains...

Sometimes it's so tough to believe that the Beatles wrote so many heart-felt, deep and meaningful songs when they were still in their 20s.

For What It's Worth | Reviewer: Wrangler
    ------ About the song Eleanor Rigby performed by The Beatles

Don't read too much into it. Three well-written verses you could make a movie from. As one poster wrote - it is simply a song reaching out to the lonely. We've all thought of ourselves as lonely at one time or another. McCartney at his heart-felt best.

64 today and none the worse for wear! | Reviewer: Jurek
    ------ About the song When I'm Sixty-Four performed by The Beatles

I echo the sentiments of the previous contributors. We grew up in a world where "new ground was being broken" and the music had a major impact on this change. It was also a time of great hope and anticipation that "we can make it better". The reality has been somewhat sobering but the music still brings back memories of a time filled with hope and anticipation that a better future was realizable. Long live the spirit of the Sgt. Peppers generation!

Here I am...64! | Reviewer: Maggie
    ------ About the song When I'm Sixty-Four performed by The Beatles

Wow...and so great to have this song to celebrate! A milestone and an achievement to have arrived healthy and happy. Lots of life lived and enjoyed. Thank you Paul for this song!

Tripe | Reviewer: Averre
    ------ About the song Revolution 9 performed by The Beatles

-This isn't a song.

-You are neither deep or a genius because you convinced yourself that Revolution 9 is good.

-Revolution 9 is a favorite of hipsters. Neff said.

-This track has no meaning. You convinced yourself that it does.

-Paul McCartney wanted Revolution 9 omitted from the album.

-John Lennon was not great. John understood his audience and bilked them for all they were worth. Yoko is not great. Yoko is still riding John's coattails to this day.

-Revolution 9 caters to the gullible, ignorant masses who believe they see the virgin Mary in a dead leaf. These people will always exist because you can't fix stupid.

Not "brah", but "bra". | Reviewer: Kim Bohlin
    ------ About the song Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da performed by The Beatles

From what I've read and understand, The Beatles was inspired by Swedish when writing this song, or, to be more precise, the word "bra", which means "good" in Swedish. The lyrics are "O-bla-di, o-bla-da, life goes on, bra!... "

Crazy song | Reviewer: Nico
    ------ About the song Blue Jay Way performed by The Beatles

This song is absolutly great, it has a really spooky and pyschedelic vibe... as pointed out before, Harrison wrote the song while waiting for his friends in the US, they were late because they were lost, and those voices that semm to come from the afterlife? Well that it's just the magic of a Leslie Speaker!

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