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FORMED: 1960, Liverpool, England

Inspired by the "skiffle boom", a student at Quarry Bank
School in Liverpool named John Lennon decided to form a
group in 1957 which laid the foundation to what was to
become the most famous rock band of all time. John's
original name was "The Blackjacks". However, this name only
lasted a week and John used the school name as inspiration
for the later name "The Quarry Men" in March 1957. John
sang and played guitar, Colin Hanton played drums, Eric
Griffiths on guitar, Pete Shotton on More...

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Review about The Beatles songs
Number9 alright | Reviewer: Ilan
    ------ About the song Revolution 9 performed by The Beatles

Personally I for some reason enjoy this song and think its cool, i don't find anything meaningful about it i just like the sounds, there is one part I find pretty cool though is when he says "only to find the night watchmen unaware of his presence in the building"

When I'm Sixty-Four | Reviewer: Marcy
    ------ About the song When I'm Sixty-Four performed by The Beatles

I'll be turning 64 on the 9th November. 'When I'm 64' came into my head a few weeks ago and have sung it every day since. I'm proud to be turning 64 and still feel young at heart. Thanks to Paul for a wonderful song...I will sing it proudly on my Birthday Haha.

Beatles Yeah ! | Reviewer: Emmet Brown
    ------ About the song Eight Days a Week performed by The Beatles

Were they really 8 days a week in the 60's ? I dont understand the meaning of the song. I told my girl I love her 8 days a week and she said i'm a idiot ! What I do ?

An Obscure Song Note | Reviewer: Brad
    ------ About the song Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da performed by The Beatles

I just heard this song on the radio a few minues ago. I was surprised to hear the DJ mention that the song notes specified that George Harrison hated this McCartney composition so much that he took a shot at it in his song, Savoy Truffle. They must have really been on each others nerves by that time in their carreer as I can't imagine anyone hating such a light and upbeat tune. Still great like most of their timeless music.

Rita Likes Women | Reviewer: Kathleen
    ------ About the song Lovely Rita performed by The Beatles

I always interpreted this song as Rita being gay. She looked like a military man, paid for dinner, and wouldn't give it up. What sane, heterosexual woman would not give it up for Paul McCartney?
And I don't think those were her sisters sitting on the sofa.

REVIEW | Reviewer: theBad Samaritan
    ------ About the song I've Just Seen a Face performed by The Beatles


life is simple | Reviewer: eva
    ------ About the song Two of Us performed by The Beatles

I love the song, how it goes on so easily. I dont know how important it is to know if it was for his wife or for his friend, but when I listen to the song I feel instant joy for life and love for the simple things not just traveling but the sense of adventure. I think they dont care about the future or the past but simply enjoy the present. I sing in a band with two friends, we even have a facebook address "Sing Along Club Neza"
We live in Mexico city, we are Beatles fanatics and we've been singing together for 20 years now. We sing on saturdays and the Beatles songs have always been a part of our repertoire and had brought us toghether. Everytime we sing a beatles song the world seems brighter and better and hope rises all around. Call me a romantic, and idealistic person but "I'm not the only one" If you wish to write, you can use the facebook page quoted before...good bye friends, good bye , good bye

A song not just for a generation | Reviewer: Alex Mowatt
    ------ About the song Julia performed by The Beatles

Whilst my wife was, as a young student, away from home and I missed her very much I would play Julia over and over. I didn't play it because of the lyrics so much but because I could replace Linda for Julia in the song and sing along to it.
Some how it just seemed to resonate with me at that level before I learned of the back story of John' s mother. I like many didn't see John as a long haired anti authoritarian but as an artist with an expressive way to reach others through his music and lyrics.

Grammer | Reviewer: Weird Al Yancovic
    ------ About the song Yellow Submarine performed by The Beatles

What does luv mean? And use punctuation! And B,C,R, and U are words, not letters! And I needs to be capitalized! Don't use slang! Kinda should be kind of, gotta should be have to! And the are the bomb does not make sense! And what does hve mean! Andputspacesbeetweenyourwords! You should all listen to word crimes, parody of blurred lines.and what did you say, Jakie Chan?! And use capital letters for proper nouns, and nothing else!

    ------ About the song Yellow Submarine performed by The Beatles

Hi! I took my very first classes of English at the age of 17. I had heard some of the early Beatles songs before but could not understand a single sound of the language. It was why I said to myself the time I understand the Beatles was short, cuz I loved it so much! And some 4 monthes later I was able to sing the "love me do" piece. The Beatles music has proved to be life-changing for me. I am 42 now, I live in Chita, Russia and I am a teacher of English. Yellow Submarine is a favourite. :)
Take care, evry one!
Mr. Oleg Gant

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