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Speaking: What are you trying to say Yolanda?
Look forget about all that other junk
this battle ain't yours, its the lord's
think about it, and then start shouting help me sing

There is no pain, Jesus can't feel
There is no hurt, that He can not heal
For all things work [yes they do]
According to the masters purpose
and his holy will
no matter what [you in the balcony]
are going thru, remember that God only wants a chance to use you
for the battle is not yours its the Lord's
[we gonna tell the devil that all right?]

There's no sadness, Jesus can not feel
and there is no sorrow,
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that the master is not able and willing to heal
remember that all things work
they're not gonna be all good
but they're shall work according to God's purpose and his holy will
no matter what, no matter what you're going thru
remember God sees all and he knows all
and all he wants to do is use you
for this Battle is not yours its, its its its its the Lord’s

This battle is the Lord's. its the Lord's
[yes its the Lord's] it is the Lord's
[but in faith you've got to hold your head up high] hold your head up high
[you belong to the most high God you don't need to cry]
don't you cry its the Lord's
[its the Lord's] its the Lord's
[yeah, yeah yes its the Lord's] it is the Lord's
[No matter what] No matter what
[You're going thru] Thru
[Remember its gonna be alright He's just using you]
God us only, using you for he's worthy
[No matter what] no matter what
[you happen to go thru right now] Thru
[Remember this will be a memory God is only using you]
God is only using you, for he's worthy
[You've got to have faith] No matter what
[You've got to know in your heart] thru
[That no matter what comes no matter what goes
God loves ya] God is only using you
[He loves ya (7x's)] its not yours
[And this battle is not yours] no
[He needs a chance to prove to your enemies that he is God]
its the Lord's, its the Lord's not yours
[So what you've got to do is, hold on, hold on] is not yours
[hold on, hold on] no
[don't give up, don’t give up] is not yours
[don’t give up, don’t give up] its the Lord's not yours
[Step out on faith] it’s not yours
[yeah, step out on faith] no
[Step out on the word of God] is not yours
[yeah, yeah yes] it’s the Lord’s not yours
[This battle is not yours no, no] no
[This battle is not yours nooooo] is not yours, it’s the Lord’s, not yours
[If you don’t understand anything] is not yours
[know that you’ve been set up by God to be blessed] no
[Understand that it’s gotta work this way] is not yours,
[understand that God knows, God knows, God knows what you need] It’s the Lord’s, not yours
Is not yours
[before you really need it] no
[He knows how to move ya] is not yours
[He knows how to take ya around the enemy] it’s the Lord’s, not yours
[He knows how to hide you] is not yours
[in the comfort of his arms] no
[You’ll have peace, that counts of understanding] is not yours
[You’ll have joy, like a river ever flowing] it’s the Lord’s not yours
[ever flowing] is not yours
[ever flowing]no
[This battle is not yours] is not yours
[no, tell them tell them] it’s the Lord’s not yours
[no this battle is not mine] is not yours
[this battle is not mine] no
[I don’t have to fight it, God is gonna do it] is not yours
[I don’t have to fight it, God is gonna do it] it’s the Lord’s not yours
[I don’t have to fight it, God is gonna do it] is not yours
[I don’t have to fight it, God is gonna do it] no
[I don’t I don’t, I don’t I don’t] is not yours
[no, no] it’s the Lord’s
[no, no] not yours, is not yours
[no] no
[I'm so glad that God sees it] it’s not yours
[and he knows all] its the Lord's not yours
this battle is not yours, no, it belongs to the Lord
Hallelujah, yeah

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this battle is the lord's | Reviewer: cynthiarollins | 10/2/13

I personally love all her music but this one that love the most and open up your heart i'm singing it in church soon I need this kind a spirit through Christ all things are possible thank you! mrs. yolanda

The Battle is the Lords Lyrics | Reviewer: Lesley von Schaeffer | 9/1/13

I've heard this song over and over, but right now, I realize, the battle of my ex-husband and father of my three children's' failure or decline to support them financially and deprive us of living in our home, that battle, is not mine, its not my children's' to carry matter what...we go through ...God is using a belongs to The Lord, and He is going to work and fight on behalf of us. Victory belongs to us. in Jesus Name.

Yolanda Adams song is just what I needed, thank you Lord Jesus | Reviewer: Candi Conklin | 11/2/12

Yolanda Adams song came right on time,I just left my doctors office and was looking through the paperwork I was given. I am sicker than I thought, but I to, had a praying grandmother, a praying grandfather, a praying father, and is still blessed with a praying mother. I no in my heart I will be healed. The Lord God is gonna heal me from this Lupus, and (ALL) it's complications I am struggling with. God said he would not leave me and I no in my heart he won't, but I no he will watch over me. Thank you Jesus!

All praises to God It his HIS battle. | Reviewer: Tara White | 6/30/11

Yolanda I love all of your work. God has blessed you with a gifted voice than can heal whatever it is we are going through in this crazy world of ours. When I hear The Battle is the Lords...It brings me back into the arms of the lover of my soul... The Lord...and conforts me and lets me know that it's not all about me but only by His Grace and Mercy that I still stand. God Bless you and your gift.

ITS THE LORD... | Reviewer: tabitha | 5/16/11

Everytimes i hear this song i'm crying nonstop even after the song ends cos i know what the lord brought me through i done had my shared of trouble water and im still standing strong..this song reminds me that god is the answer..this song is very special to me ..thanks Yolanda Adams

Grateful | Reviewer: phyllis | 5/15/11

Ms. Yolanda thank you very much for this song as well as all your other songs. I've heard this song many times before and enjoyed it. However, lately it has been an inspiration to me to have unconditional faith in God. This song has been a reminder to me that God is God and that I can trust Him even in my most diffficult trials and tribulations. It has reminded me that God will not let me down. He will help me and I choose to Trust Him. Thank you for such a Powerful message.

the battle is the lords! | Reviewer: Shaquashia sutton | 3/18/11

i love this song so much, every time i hear i think about all of these little girls, and boys that start drama with me at school. I sing to my self the battle is not your's it's the lords he is going to deal with them. thank you Yolanda adams

Priscilla Chiwanza | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/10

This song makes me know that God exists and He is ever present to fight my battles it has been a source of inspiration and i am touched by it very much,just the words this battle is not yours bring tears to my eyes ,to noe that He will never fail,God bless yu Yolanda..

Reassured | Reviewer: timothy | 7/11/10

This song, at its' core, is essentially all the "good master" has ever asked his children to do. I actually fell im love with this song , as it was performed by another songtress. But the fact, that I can simply give any trial to my heavenly father, means so much to me. I will always remember" it's the Lords"...

I am blessed and highly favoured! | Reviewer: Xolie Mankayi | 5/21/10

Wow .. Gods lv nevr fails evn if the world jst turns up nd dwn God wl alwys lvs us he wil nevr leave u nor 4sake u ... Ths song tld me of Jesus Christ, the One who has transformed my whole life and has given me the assurance of everlasting life with a deep joy and abiding peace .. I also found solutions to all my life's problems in ths song .. And i want the whole world 2 listen in ths song and know Jesus Christ who called hmseld the Way,the Truth and the Life... Thank u Yolanda(yoxy) May God Bless u nd give u strenght so that u can continue preaching hs Gospel ... 0780692740 that's ma number

the battle is indeed not yours | Reviewer: COLLINS Y MENSAH | 4/25/10

i went through some trail in life so i was on my bed crying, so i thought of listen to some thing from my MP3 to cheer me up. when i heard this song, it took all my hurt away. i got to know that all i was going through God was just using me. i love this song so much. thank u yolanda.

Review about The Battle is the Lords | Reviewer: Musa* | 4/22/10

Wow is all i can say about this song. Early every morning before i do anything and whilst pray i listen to this ministration. It reminds me that each day is a battle but this battle is not mine but the Master's. Often we want to use our own strength to fight everyday's issues forgeting that we are only wessels that God is using. I can't find the right words to describe what I feel when listening to this song. I get reminded of the fires I went through that the Lord has seen me through.
It is a blessing in my life. Thank you for such a beautiful song that reminds every child of God (which is everyone of us) that our Almighty Father will see us thru it all...*

The Battle Is The Lords | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/11/10

Yes My Enmies will come to fight me but their are forgetting something that the battle is not mine it the Lords.
This song something special for me. I have never heard a song like this or fall in love with a song. Everytime i hear this song i fill great

the battle | Reviewer: niesha | 1/10/10

The first time I heard this song was at my grandmothers funeral. She died of lung cancer,so the song was just the right song to lift us all from the hurt and pain. I love this song!! Everytime I hear it I get teary eyed, not because of my grandmothers death but because it reminds you that the battle is not yours...its the Lords!!

The Battle is not mine | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/09

The Lord is shining on my soul with this annointed song......Because he is fighting my battle and is using me to show the enemy that he is God. I was praying and turned on the radio to 106.3 Columbus and I was just encouraged. Thank you Yolanda......Oh wow the Lord is amsome that is your Radio statition. God Love and Blessing to you.


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