The Barclay James Harvest Albums

  • And Other Short Stories//Baby James Harv Album
    Medicine Man
    Someone There You Know
    Harry's Song
    Ursula (The Swansea Song)
    Little Lapwing
    Song With No Meaning
    Blue John's Blues
    The Poet
    After The Day

  • Barclay James Harvest Album
    Taking Some Time On
    Mother Dear
    The Sun Will Never Shine
    When The World Was Woken
    Good Love Child
    The Iron Maiden
    Dark Now My Sky

  • Baby James Harvest Album
    Crazy (Over You)
    Delph Town Morn
    Summer Soldier
    Thank You
    One Hundred Thousand Smiles Out

  • Xii Album
    Fantasy: Loving Is Easy
    Classics: A Tale Of Two Sixties
    Turning In Circles
    Fact: The Closed Shop
    In Search Of England
    Sip Of Wine
    Science Fiction: Nova Lepidoptera
    Giving It Up
    Fiction: The Streets Of San Francisco

  • Welcome To The Show Album
  • River Of Dreams Album (5/26/1997)
  • Caught In The Light Album (6/14/1993)
  • Face To Face Album (1/30/1987)
  • Rings Of Changes Album (5/1/1983)
  • Turn The Tide Album (5/1/1981)
  • Eyes Of The Universe Album (10/5/1979)
  • Gone To Earth Album (9/1/1977)
  • Octoberon Album (10/1/1976)
  • Time Honoured Ghosts Album (10/1/1975)
  • Everyone Is Everybody Else Album (6/14/1974)
  • Once Again Album (2/1/1971)

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