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The Banner Biography

Last updated: 08/25/2004 09:59:17 PM

Garret - guitar
Chris "greyfox" Leboeuf - guitar
Chris Fingers - bass
Ian Pheonix - drums
Joey Southside - vocals

"Some parents told their children that horror movies and comic books would rot their brains. Well they were right, as it did indeed rot the brains of THE BANNER. The result is a harsh, aggressive blend of music coupled with the questionable mental health of the band members. The Banner take what they want from the several different styles of metal/hardcore/punk,mash it together and ride it like they stole it. The bands live performances are now well known for ridiculously brutal moshtrocities often resulting in smiling bloody faces and broken bones, be they of the audience members or the band themselves. Clear a path motherfuckers: they've got their eyes on your daughters' asses."

Why them?

Simply put, because they are one of the best and least known hardcore bands from New Jersey today. Fast, brutal, and sincere with the ability to make you mosh yourself to death, these boys will be embarking on a small East Coast tour this month to spread their chaos outside the tristate area. They recently released their debut full-length, "Your Murder Mixtape" out on Brightside Records, to compliment their "Posthumous" EP and a split with Dead Wrong.