The Band Lyrics

by Jason Ankeny

Originally rising to prominence as Bob Dylan's backing
group, the quintet known simply and authoritatively as The
Band later emerged as one of rock music's most seminal
acts. Crafting highly literate, austerely luminous songs
probing the mythology of the American experience (the great
irony of their work, given the Canadian origins of all but
one of their members), their music fused the rural beauty
of old-time country and blues with the spirit of rock 'n'
roll to forge a uniquely evocative aesthetic far removed
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Review about The Band songs
Authorship claims | Reviewer: Tom M.
    ------ About the song The Weight performed by The Band

Sadly, Robertson gets written credit for the lyrics, but that was due more to some legal maneuvering than actual writing, I suspect. He was definitely a great guitarist, a bad singer, and a great manipulator, if tales are to be believed.

Yes best "lost love" song ever | Reviewer: Evert
    ------ About the song It Makes No Difference performed by The Band

I'm glad so many of you agree. Just heard the album version on YouTube. I know it from the Last Waltz, man that horn solo, the singing together be-f-o-ore... the hurt in that song, just cracks me up all the time. Like Roberta Flack's Jesse and The First Time (Ever I Saw Your Face) and Janis Ian's At Seventeen it touches me profoundly. Art of the highest most beautiful order. Cheers.

Meaning is what you make of it.... | Reviewer: Cadmus301
    ------ About the song The Weight performed by The Band

Regardless of what the author intended or the Band sang, meaning is intensely personal and subjective. Simplest terms, were it a painting would you hang it over your couch? Whatever it means to you and whatever memories it conjures are yours alone so just enjoy and quit trying to define what you can't for everyone else.

Dont always mean anything | Reviewer: Mike
    ------ About the song The Weight performed by The Band

Im sure many song writers laugh at us trying to find the meaning of their songs. Some songs are just A lot of interesting lines put together that seem to tell a story but actually are just random and meaningless ,possibly wrote under the influence of some creative inspiring substance.

Comes Together | Reviewer: kwillie
    ------ About the song It Makes No Difference performed by The Band

Great music usually has everything going. Rick's voice is perfect in sincerity and pain, the chords and subtle strings, and the words work to paint the feeling. A perfect communication of the lonliness of love lost. I listen to the greatness of the Band to get in touch with honest, skilled musicanship, heart and soul, and most of the time, they revealed how much they enjoyed each other, and making music for us.

Morning Song | Reviewer: Dom-Reyes
    ------ About the song Cherokee Morning Song performed by The Band

This song gives me a spiritual connection full of love to all living things. I am grateful for all that surrounds me. We are all connected as one. Our ancestors will never be forgotten and no matter what tribe you're decedent from we should all love and respect each other as a family because we are all ONE created by Yauh.. Ya, the Great spirit. We are all blood.

North Wind | Reviewer: lucy_lou00
    ------ About the song Cherokee Morning Song performed by The Band

I have the song. It is my favorite. There are two names to the song that I know of. I call it North Wind. I used to teach the Cherokee Cultural Language, arts and history. Its been a while. I have been told the Cherokee are of Lost Tribe of the Israelites! The Tribe of Benjamin!! A Great Honor!

Songwriter error | Reviewer: Gregmon
    ------ About the song The Weight performed by The Band

It's correct in current form. It's Fanny, Carmen, and "the rack."

And it's Nazareth, PA, the home of steel guitar manufacturer, designer C. F. Martin & Company.

Aside from the biblical references and artistic license, it's about going somewhere and people keep saying, "Hey, while you're there, could you do me a simple favor AND..."

But the credits are jumbled at the end. They list the writers of "Talk About the Passion" by an over-rated band from Athens, Georgia.

Great song with a great history | Reviewer: Volker L.
    ------ About the song Evangeline performed by The Band

It was through this song that I learned about the Wadsworth poem and the story of the expulsion of the Acadian settlers. By the way, Garth Hudson is the only other surviving member of The Band.

A day late.... | Reviewer: Calli G.
    ------ About the song Evangeline performed by The Band

I only just purchased the Last Waltz a couple of years ago and
was astonished at Emmylou's voice. I'd heard it before but this
song emphasizes her ability to hit those high notes with not so
much as a strain or facial expression. Effortless, perfect. Of
course, The Band was awesome, as always. Those guys are/were
really talented. Is Robbie the only one left?

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