The Band Of H.M. Royal Marines Albums

  • Summon The Heroes Album (11/11/2011)
    Summon The Heroes
    A Life On The Ocean Wave
    Eternal Father With Sunset
    Ashokan Farewell
    Over The Hills And Far Away
    Fantasia On British Sea Songs
    Scarborough Fair
    Hands Across The Sea
    Extremeo Vitualamen
    There You'll Be
    The Captain General
    Home Away From Home
    Cockleshell Heroes
    Britannic Salute
    The King's Speech On The Outbreak Of War (Eternal Father)

  • The Band of H.M. Royal Marines Album (4/15/2011)
    Edinburgh Castle
    Bolero for Band
    Aces High
    Skye Boat Song
    Days of Glory
    Procession of Nobles
    Radetsky March
    Theme from Lawrence of Arabia
    Aranjuez Mon Amour
    On Parade
    Finlandia Op. 26

  • The Band of H.M. Royal Marines, Vol. 3 Album (4/5/2011)
    On the Quarterdeck
    Drum & Bugle Display
    Aranjuez Mon Amour
    Sea Harriers
    Joyful Skeleton
    Fugue and Swing
    Under the White Ensign
    Per Mare Per Terram
    Fantasy on British Sea Songs
    Heart of Oak
    Life on the Ocean Wave

  • It's? The Royal Marines! Album (2/23/2010)
    Light Cavalry
    Florentina March 'Grand March Italien'
    Marche Militaire Francaise
    March To The Scaffold 4th Movement 'Symphonie Fantastique'
    Overture 'Zampa'
    Hungarian March 'Rakoczy'
    March From 'Love of Three Organges'
    March From 'Things To Come'
    March From The 3rd Movement 6th Symphony 'Pathetique'

  • Christmas With the Royal Marines Album (9/15/2007)
  • Great American Marches 2 Album (1/1/1999)

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