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The Killers The Ballad Of Michael Valentine Lyrics

Last updated: 09/05/2011 11:00:00 AM

Michael plays with stars
Soul Sister won't you take a ride in his car
Late to call
When you wanted to be all
Baby, baby, don't be so shy
Rock children hold your heads up high
In the night while I try
And tell the ballad of Valentine

You got it bad, but you know it's true

I caught up with a friend in Dallas
We took a trip to New Orleans
Those black-eyed ladies
Won't say they're sorry

We finally caught a train to Memphis
Where everybody talks the same
Those blue suede babies
All know my name

And I said hold tight
Can't you see it's hurting me
But I've got the buzz
Like Marlon Brando
Michael Valentine, can't we unite?

We ended up in North Dakota
Although my heart's in Mexico
My muñequita
Abre tus ojos

With your new suit, and your black tie
Hold on, you're just a gambling man, all proper like
I broke to the right and I caught your eye
Shut your mouth and wave goodbye
Tonight, I ain't gonna let you rain on this parade

And I said hold tight
Can't you see it's hurting me
But I've got the buzz
Like Marlon Brando
Straight faced with misery tonight

And I will not lie when I say I ain't cold no more
But I've got the buzz
Like Greta Garbo
Walking forwards in the sun
And I've got a coat tail left to ride
Well uh oh
I know he's gonna be there tonight

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My problem with the lyrics | Reviewer: Rachel | 2/29/2008

No one ever seems to notice this, but the line "I've got a cold tale left to write" is very wrong and should be "I've got a COAT TAIL LEFT TO RIDE"...maybe you all are too young to know about riding coat tails, but if you read the lyrics to the song it is all about riding them.

Best showcase of Brandon's voice | Reviewer: Robyn | 1/26/2008

This is not an easy song to sing... if you track where he goes with his vocals and his timings in this song, it is just so obvious what a gifted artist he is. And the song itself is crafted so differently, it must have been a fun song to work on. It's my favourite :)

great | Reviewer: Andrea | 8/10/2006

love this song but thers 1 problem with the lyrics. when they say "but ive got the buzz" it isnt buzz its power. it is "but ive got the power like marlan brando"

this ones a thinker... | Reviewer: char | 12/19/2005

well i first heard this one in the summer of this year and i have to say i didnt like it, however its definitely one of those songs that grown on you cos im loving it rite now - another fab song from the killers