The Babys Albums

  • Broken Heart Album (10/1/1987)
    Wrong Or Right
    Give Me Your Love
    Isn't It Time
    And If You Could See Me Fly
    Golden Mile
    Broken Heart
    I'm Falling
    Rescue Me
    Silver Dreams
    A Piece of The Action

  • Union Jacks Album (10/1/1980)
    Back On My Feet Again
    True Love True Confession
    Midnight Rendezvous
    Union Jack
    In Your Eyes
    Jesus, Are You There?
    Turn Around In Tokyo
    Love Is Just A Mystery

  • On The Edge Album (10/1/1980)
    Turn And Walk Away
    Sweet 17
    She's My Girl
    Darker Side Of Town
    Rock'n Roll Is (Alive And Well)
    Too Far Gone
    Gonna Be Somebody
    Love Won't Wait

  • Head First Album (10/1/1979)
    Love Don't Prove I'm Right
    Every Time I Think Of You
    I Was One
    White Lightening
    Run To Mexico
    Head First
    You (Got It)
    Please Don't Leave Me

  • The Babys Album (10/1/1976)

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