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My brother said that I
was rotten to the core.
I was the youngest child,
so I got by with more.

I guess she was tired by
the time I came along.
She'd laugh until she cried,
I could do no wrong.
She would always save me,
because I was her baby.

I worked a factory in Ohio,
a shrimp boat in the Bayou,
I drove a truck in Birmingham.
Turned 21 in Cincinnati,
I called home to mom and daddy,
I said "Your boy is now a man."
She said "I don't care if you're 80,
you'll always be my baby."

She loved that photograph,
of our whole family.
She'd always point us out,
for all her friends to see.

That's Greg he's doing great,
he really loves his job.
And Ronnie with his 2 kids,
how 'bout that wife he's got.
And that one's kinda crazy,
but that one is my baby.

I got a call in Alabama,
said come on home to Louisianna
and come as fast as you can fly.
Cause your momma really needs you,
and says she's got to see you,
she might not make it through the night.
The whole way I drove 80
so she could see her baby.

She looked like she was sleepin'
and my family had been weepin'
by the time that I got to her side.
And I knew that she'd been taken,
and my heart it was breakin',
I never got to say goodbye.

I softly kissed that lady
and cried just like a baby.

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the baby | Reviewer: Heather Eaton | 11/24/11

i can relate to this song because i didnt get to say good bye to my great grandma she passed away like about a copuple years ago and the day before i ditn say good bye and they night she died in her sleep and when i wentt to her funel i cried for hours and i couldnt stop and i wish that i got to say goodbye to her she means the world to me

My Baby J. | Reviewer: jeannie.D | 9/7/10

I have always loved this song> I have 4 girls and 1 son who is the baby of the family. He just finished his tour in afghanistan, We love him with all our hearts and we will do anything for him. This osng says it all.

Agony! | Reviewer: oneonta,Al mom | 7/30/09

I never have cared for country music, but my son always has. He tried to get me to listen to this song on numerous occasions but I would only listen to parts of it because it sounded so sad ( and country). He gave me a CD of his favorite music just before he was deployed to Afghanistan and this song was on it. It sounds so much like him. I have other children , but this one was always MY BABY! I'm so proud of him. He gets to e-mail or text his wife almost daily. I get maybe one a month...but he's still my baby. Pray for our troops,..and my baby!

Life | Reviewer: Nelson | 11/25/08

This song reminds me of my mother before she passed away earlier this year. The most memorable line is "I don't care if you're 80,
you'll always be my baby.", because I'm the youngest of 4 boys. All 4 of us still love our mother and I can't think of a better way to thank her or honor her memory with anything else other than this song. The song's end when he says that his mother was already gone by the time he got there is true for me just as much as him, the last I had seen of her before she passed away was well over a year ago. Approximately 6 months before her death I had enlisted in the Marine Corps at 18; her birthday is 4 days before mine and on both days I did what I could to remember what it was like when she was still alive. All I can really hear her say anymore is, "That's my baby!"

tears | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/07

When i first heard this song i cried. It is so touching and really makes you think about how much you love your parents and how you will always be their "baby".

Great Song!!! | Reviewer: Justin Bates | 7/13/07

This is a really great song, Kinda somthing I can relate to, When I was 17 and joined the Army I called my Grandma, and told her I was going in the Army, and I told her that I was going to be a man, Well, my grandma always called me her and Until the day she passed away that is what she called me, Well I 21, and I was in Iraq and I was almost done with my year of duty over there, 1 week before when I was coming back home to the States I got wounded, Well I called my family and told them I was going to be home sooner cause I was injured in combat. My parents told me that my grandma isn't doing good and that she was in Chanute Memorial Hospital... Well I flew in to Ft Bragg NC, And I got on another plane to fly in to Kansas City MO well before our take off I was seated next to this Soldier who was 19 and he was going on leave too, From Iraq... Well he called his grandma and he told her that her man is going to be there really soon, and he had this phone on speaker phone for me to hear and she said you mean my baby... So he got off the phone and I told this soldier everything about my grandma and how she was... Well he pulled out his laptop computer and he had the song The Baby downloaded, And We both started crying, This sturtis asked what was wrong..Come to find out her son was in the airforce and he was gone to Iraq she even started crying, You know when I got in to Chaunute KS my Dad was holding my grandma she passed away 15 min before I got there and the last thing she told my dad was to tell her babydoll that she loves him.... I walked outside and this nurse followed me out and said you know since your Grandma has been here her babydoll is all she talked about, I just wish my Grandma really knew how much I loved her... Here I am a Staff Sgt In the Army and a big tough infantry man, This song still makes me tear up...

Mother son relationship | Reviewer: Chad | 7/10/07

When i hear this song it make me think of all the things that i have done to upset or hurt(emotionly mid you) my mother and it makes me feel like the worst person because my mother treats me like a king and for some reason i don't appreciate it until i hear stuff like this song. hopefully i learn to show my love and affection better before something happens. I love my mother...

The Baby | Reviewer: Natalia | 6/16/07

i think that this song is very helpful to listen to when someone that u loved very much passed away and u didnt get to say goodbye. I really love this song i think listen to it the 5 times a day well if u havent heard this song The Baby u better do it now

im the baby | Reviewer: megan | 6/17/07

i am fifteen and i absoultely relate to alot of the lines in this song. yes, i am spoiled rotten by my parents and grandparents. and out of the three others i am the craziest one and my mom will always save because i will be eighty and still be her baby!

"The Baby" | Reviewer: Emily Romero | 6/13/07

i think its a great song and I love it! I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT WHEN I FIRST HEARD IT!

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