The Avett Brothers Albums

  • Magpie And The Dandelion Album (10/15/2013)
    Open Ended Life
    Morning Song
    Never Been Alive
    Another Is Waiting
    Bring Your Love To Me
    Good To You
    Apart From Me
    Skin And Bones
    Souls Like The Wheels
    The Clearness Is Gone

  • The Carpenter Album (9/11/2012)
    The Once And Future Carpenter
    Live And Die
    Winter In My Heart
    Pretty Girl From Michigan
    I Never Knew You
    February Seven
    Through My Prayers
    Down With The Shine
    A Father's First Spring
    Paul Newman vs. The Demons
    Bonus Tracks
    Standing With You
    Die Then Grow

  • I And Love And You Album (9/29/2009)
    I And Love And You
    January Wedding
    Head Full Of Doubt / Road Full Of Promise
    And It Spread
    The Perfect Space
    Ten Thousand Words
    Kick Drum Heart
    Laundry Room
    Ill With Want
    Tin Man
    Slight Figure Of Speech
    It Goes On And On
    Incomplete And Insecure

  • The Second Gleam Album (7/22/2008)
    Tear Down The House
    Murder In The City
    Bella Donna
    The Greatest Sum
    St. Joseph's
    Souls Like The Wheels

  • Emotionalism Album (5/15/2007)
  • The Gleam Album (9/19/2006)

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