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Eminem The Art Of Rap (Freestyle) Lyrics

Last updated: 06/12/2012 11:00:00 AM

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How the fuck he got an Oscar?
Passed out in his red mazda
With his fuckin head in his pasta
In the parking lot of k-mart plaza
Across from the red lobster
Lookin like the lochness monster
Dressed like a cross-dressed mobster
Talk is cheap it costs less to gossip
I'd probably be a lot less
Hostile if you snots kept your shnozzes out the airholes
Or get fucked in all seven holes
Ass, mouth, pussy, yeah both airs and hah! yes nostrils
At the ozzfest with nas bumpin das efx in wrecked up Datsun
And dropped two extra strength Watson vicodin out my pocket
They cost less I'm a hot mess cause I tripped and got my head stuck
In a wasp's nest in the process awesome

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