The Arrogant Worms Lyrics

The Arrogant Worms are Canada's best known musical comedy
act. From humble beginnings on campus radio in Kingston,
Ontario; they have now performed from Saint John to
Victoria and Orlando to Prince Rupert.

SEVEN popular CDs, three videos, the most requested song
on the internationally syndicated "Dr. Demento Show", and
standing ovations from audiences every where.

Recently, they performed on Parliament Hill on Canada Day
to well over 100,000 people, received standing ovations at
Folk Festivals and performed a new musical, "King of More...

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Review about The Arrogant Worms songs
They got it wrong... | Reviewer: Bridar
    ------ About the song Toronto Sucks performed by The Arrogant Worms

This song was NOT performed by the Arrogant Worms. It was performed by another Canadian group; "Three Dead Trolls in a Baggis". If you don't believe me, just visit this link; http://

Deep Breaths Weirdos | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Toronto Sucks performed by The Arrogant Worms

So. . Dear everyone. You are all aware that the 3 wonderful men who wrote this song are all from Ontario right?? So stop with the "Albertans wrote this blah blah I'm a little bitch" and kindly remove whatever is shoved firmly up your ass.

wicked awesome!!!!! | Reviewer: THE KIRBY KID <(^^,)>
    ------ About the song The Happy Happy Birthday Song performed by The Arrogant Worms

I first heard about this song in 7th grade, one of my best friends had it on his iPod. the song is just insanely awesome!!!!!<(^^,)>

p.s. e-mail me if you want some other songs by the arrogant worms or any other songs that I like. 8^)

Chiiiiiiiiiiiill... | Reviewer: Naeryn
    ------ About the song Toronto Sucks performed by The Arrogant Worms

Hey, "Annonomys". Russell Peters is south Asian, not middle Eastern. He's East Indian.

Also, wow, everyone needs to chill. It's a funny song that mocks stereotypes. Hell, one of Edmonton's stereotypes is that they think everyone sucks but them!

But maybe it's just 'cause I'm from BC, and the one good thing we've got going for us that this song didn't mention is POT.

So I'm just too stoned to care if they actually hate Ontario or not.

To ''Reviewer: Anonymous ... (To the Newfie.... )'' | Reviewer: Newfie Sailor
    ------ About the song Toronto Sucks performed by The Arrogant Worms

Funny song, Bad comments, Newfoundlanders always get shit on in these situations so I have to comment If u think that Alberta is booming then your sadly mistaken, I’ve never been out west but I have been to Toronto a couple of times (Once while flying home from New York love your Landing Strip club hahaha!!!!), not a fan, but that’s more because I like the great outdoors. but getting to the point, Its true that most of our newfs work seasonally in Alberta, I actually have many friends who live there and have become rather successful. But comrade Alberta is slowly dieing, and well with the oil off our shores (I work on a tanker so don’t fuck with my facts) your going to see quite the rise in our economy, thus your dream will come true and newfie’s will stay home and earn a living like my self … but before you get two excited don’t forget who’s keeping your province going in the labor force, cause I I’m kinda thinking it would take 4 healthy Albertans to do the work of a chain smoking borderline alcoholic newfie, hope u get to read this before your back to living in huts … HAHAHA BURNED like your useless tar sands!!

To the Newfie.... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Toronto Sucks performed by The Arrogant Worms

To the Newfoundlander - if you can't take a joke - its probably because you're sober. We don't need you because you're good workers - we just need more people to support our booming industry and economy (you know, the one that pays your bills?). I had no opinions on your people before I started meeting and having to listen to enough of them. If you're too stupid to realize that - why don't you go back ? Oh yeah, you really don't have anything to go back to. Go home if you want to trash Alberta - we are all sick of listening to and supporting you pack of freeloaders anyway. In every relationship there's always a host which is Alberta and the parasite - the Newfoundlander. AGAIN, GO HOME ALREADY !! (Oh yeah, you can' money) lol !!

Learn to Laugh | Reviewer: Annonomys
    ------ About the song Toronto Sucks performed by The Arrogant Worms

Some people take life a little too seriously, and I agree with Tae, it's COMEDY... I toured with a band, and spent a lot of time in Ontario, have a lot of great friends from Ontario, I also find this song funny, because it's comedy... it takes on stereotype and plays on it...
Russell Peters is Middle Eastern and makes fun of People from the middle east - I have a lot of friends from that background who find Russell Peters hilarious - and guess what, he makes fun of white people too - I'm white, and Russell Peters is still Hilarious, Dane Cook makes fun of people, Bryan Reagan makes fun of people, hell serious actors go on shows like Saturday night live and make fun of themselves... It's comedy... take a chill pill, lower your blood pressure before you have a coronary, and learn to laugh

What is up with everyone hating on Ontario | Reviewer: Carrie
    ------ About the song Toronto Sucks performed by The Arrogant Worms

I have never realized how much Alberta is jealous of Ontario. I have lived in both Calgary and Toronto and have found the people lovely in both places. I do find the people in Calgary have an obsession with Ontario thought which I find quite strange.

toronto does suck | Reviewer: proud to be?
    ------ About the song Toronto Sucks performed by The Arrogant Worms

you hit it on the head about toronto ,what a demented bunch of retards, obbsessed with racism,arrogant assholes, fart huffing eletists ,racist immigrants,i lived there 10 years and thank god i left .mocking buch of cocksuckers. man i could go on and on about the incidents with toronto assholes .when you go there ,be rude to everyone ,treat them like shit ,its the only way they respect you .if you are friendly to them they will laugh in your face , they think friendliness or kindness is a weakness ,twisted backward toronto fuckheads .now i just laugh at all the shootings ,looks good on them.they should separate from canada instead of quebec.

Seriously | Reviewer: Tae
    ------ About the song Toronto Sucks performed by The Arrogant Worms

I think everyone should just calm down about this song... its called comedy. Comedy makes fun of a variety of things, and its all in fun. If you've never learned to laugh at yourself, you can't laugh at others. If you've ever watched comedians they always make other people laugh because of their own viewpoints on a subject... that is what this song is doing! Just relax everyone, and be proud that you're Canadian!! *woo*

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