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Hey, hey, hey, Mr. Hangman,
You go get your rope
Your daughters weren't careful
And I fear that I am a slippery slope
Now even when I lay my head down at night
After a day I got perfectly right… She won’t know
She won’t know

So pray little Kay, love is just God on a good day
And you can't blame your mother
She’s trying not to see you as her worst mistake
And I wish that I could tell you right now
But it looks like I won't be around
So you won’t know
You won’t know
You won’t know
You won’t know

So believe in me, believe in me, believe in me,
Believe, if you think I’ll let you down
Well I won’t
They can fire everything they've got
And when you think I’m sunk
I will float on and on
I have burned the bush that covered my light
Even though I’m scared I won't burn that bright
But you won’t know
You won’t know
You won’t know
You won’t know

We’re never gonna feel as full as we felt
So let's go outside and we'll play "William Tell"
Take your time drawing your bead
I’ll stand as still as you need
You’re so good at talking smack, you heart attack
But you're the apple of my eye anyway

My smiling face
That’s on my head
That’s on your silver plate

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lyrics | Reviewer: David Gish | 12/3/11

I don't think it's stupid to look at what other people think the means. I know Brand New has their purpose for the song but not everybody knows that. I hate how some people just think right off the bat that they are right about this song. Am I right?

Lyrics.. | Reviewer: Fio | 7/21/11

I hear both "So pray little Kay loves God on a good day" and "So pray little Kayla you've got to contend"... its so hard to tell. If the song is about Katie Flynn then Kayla wouldn't make sense, but who knows? And does contend fit? Is it the right word? I wish the Brand New website would be done renovating! Are the lyrics not in the CD?
I do agree, the lyrics "You're so good at talking smack, you heart attack, but you're the apple of my eye anyway" are a few of the best lines in the song for me. I wish they would come to Canada more often! Until then we can all debate more on the lyrics! :P

Lyrics? | Reviewer: Lolythax | 6/25/11

I've been al over looking for an official Brand New site with lyrics but meh. This is, every version I've found has mistakes usually on 3 key lines). I agree with 'you've got to contend' (there's nowhere near enough syllables for 'love is just god on a new day) But ever since I first heard the song, I thought it was pray, little killer. (I recently saw a theory tying this to 'limosine' that supports that, and being a killer could be why he's his mother's worst mistake, and rejected from heaven.). Later, listening closely and lip reading videos, it's definitely 'I'm fine to put your gun to my life (IMO), but also 'I'm scared I won't burn that bright' - which is the only combo of those lines I havent' seen anywhere, haha. So don't quote me on that.
Either way, regardless of these lyrics or any others, I love the song even just by feel. The lyrics, whatever way you're looking at them, are someone saying that they feel they are the lowest of the low, that they hurt others, that they've done bad things and deserve any kind of torture - but what tortures him most is not being with this other person. I love the irony of 'the day that I get up there'. I've always wondered what would happen if you showed up to the pearly gates when old Nick was having a bad day. Weirdly, I never thought it meant he was sent to Hell, though, I always pictured him let into heaven, but unforgiven he's forced to carry the burden with his sins and wear his mistakes around the purified and angelic people.
And 'you're so good at talking smack, you heart attack, but you're the apple of my eye anyway' just hits me hard, the idea of loving someone no matter what they say or how they act - because they're nowhere as broken or sinful as the lover and can be forgiven anything.
Anywho, just my two cents. Magnificent song. Love it.

Lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/5/11

I could be wrong but I think the last lines in the second verse are "I am fine to point your gun at my life, but im scared it wont fire right" I'm not 100% sure about it though so dont crucify me if I'm wrong

I THINK THIS AND GODAMMIT I AM RIGHT. | Reviewer: lolmuffins | 11/14/10

i choose to go with the literal meaning of this song,
it is about a guy who was in love with a girl, never told her, went on in life, realised it wasnt complete without her, went back for her and died. So now, she wont know.

you won't know. | Reviewer: e | 12/5/09

The correct lyrics were posted on the Brand New website back when TDAGARIM was released. By clicking on the little girl's head, it would redirect you to a page where all the lyrics were. These are obviously not the correct lyrics, but they're pretty damn close. In any case, use the WAYBACK MACHINE INTERNET ARCHIVE (google it) and you'll be able to find the correct lyrics.

my view of the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/09

I think this song is about the guilt the man has about killing the 7 year old girl in a drunk driving car accident. I believe his girlfriend was pregnant while he is in jail for 25 yrs to life and he can't see his daughter.

"So pray little Kay loves God on a good day"
katie flynn was the name of the little girl the drunk driver killed in the car accident and brand new made a song called limousine about it.

not too sure its about abortion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/09

the first verse hey hey mr hangman you go get your rope, it implies come kill me cause i got ur daughter pregnant and can also relate to suicide like a hanging man. and later in the song he says i wish i could tell you i love you but it looks like i wont be around.. and the whole william tell part he says my smiling face thats on my head is on a silver plate cause william tell made a threat that if he shot his kid hed kill the guy too. so hes smiling cause he didnt kill his kid but he knows hes gonna die. thats my view of it

i think.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/09

okay so i think the meaning for this song, if you do research on the William Tell part it says William Tell was amazing with his crossbow, so some guy ordered him to shoot an apple off the top of his son's head, walter, or they would both be excecuted. He shoots it without hitting his son, but he tells the guy if he'd ended up shooting his son with the arrow, he would have turned on the guy and shot him as well. This outraged the guy and the next time william tell saw him, he shot him with an arrow. I think the meaning of the song is that a boy and a girl are dating and the girl gets pregnant, and the mom decides to keep it, picks out a name, and everything. Then the dad decides he didn't want it, or maybe her dad made her get an abortion and they both regret it..thats just what i think though..

lyrics are correct as is | Reviewer: .... | 12/6/08

The lyrics on here are pretty correct. I am not sure where you are getting play little player from? I work in a night club I have listened to the song over and over again, I have heard them live, I have talked to them about their lyrics and such so I can assure you there is no play little player in the lyrics to this song. And to those of you that had to look up the song for its actual in depth meaning you all are stupid. It is clear from the second verse that the song is about abortion.

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