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Dream Theater The Answer Lies Within Lyrics

Last updated: 09/22/2013 06:39:38 AM

Music: Dream Theater, Lyrics: John Petrucci

Look around
Where do you belong
Don't be afraid
You're not the only one

Don't let the day go by
Don't let it end
Don't let a day go by in doubt
The answer lies within

Life is short
So learn from your mistakes
And stand behind
The choices that you make

Face each day
With both eyes open wide
And try to give
Don't keep it all inside

Don't let the day go by
Don't let it end
Don't let a day go by in doubt
The answer lies within

You've got the future on your side
You're gonna be fine now
I know whatever you decide
You're gonna shine

Don't let the day go by
Don't let it end
Don't let a day go by in doubt
You're ready to begin
Don't let a day go by in doubt
The answer lies within.

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awesome..... | Reviewer: Abishek | 9/22/13

Have been going through a rough patch,
and coincidently bumped into this track. It was lyk just awesome.....
A perfect melody mixed with exceptionally strong lyrics!!!!!!
A new way of confronting to the challenges being offered to you in uae day to day life.....

The answer lies within

The answer lies within | Reviewer: simon | 12/5/12

The lyrics are truly heaven sent, the music itself is a wonderful accompaniment and the voice of La Brie so right especially for this heart felt song. Surely it is more tan a song...............more like a modern un religious hymn ?

Best balad today | Reviewer: Connie Bach | 10/14/12

Been playing this song for 3 days non stop wishing the best for friend's going to hard time. He sang this song for me and sang well. He's not here with me anymore but I miss him terribly through this song.

Masterpiece!!!! | Reviewer: Pedro | 2/24/12

One of the most Majestic (ironic the first name of the Band)
songs ever made!!!
Not only the Lyrics are perfect, as the Instrumental and James Voice....
It's my number one song ever for motivation and compreention of this life and all situations that surround us.
Face each day with both eyes open wide so you can learn as much as you can and not only learn from your mistakes, but also learn how can you improve yourself every sigle day to be happy and better with yourself and towards the world

wow. | Reviewer: Leah | 12/28/09

i had never heard this song before until tonight.. iv had it on my computer for a long time too, but it couldnt have shown up at a better time. im going through the hardest possible situation i have ever been in and heck, tis the only motivation iv acualy listened to. wow, coinsidence? heh...:)

Excellent! | Reviewer: Jessica | 9/2/08

This is Petrucci showing tremendous personal and lyrical insight. LaBrie's plaintive vocals are reassuring in their certainty that, though things are certainly a mess right now, they will turn out all right in the end. This song got me through a lot of rough patches.