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It was pretty big news in music when, in 1983, IRS
announced it had signed the original (and reformed) classic
rock band The Animals.

The Animals were part of the U.K. blues scene of the early
60s and one of the most noteworthy bands of the British
Invasion. Originally known as the Alan Price Combo, they
formed in early 1962 in Newcastle-upon- Tyne, England, the
group changed its name to The Animals when Burdon joined
later in 1962. The group's inspiration and much of its
early repertoire came from American blues and R&B. Eric More...

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Review about The Animals songs
Wally. Really? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Monterey performed by The Animals

Hi Wally,

You heard Eric whisper the line 'In the beginning'? ooh, like the Bible in Genesis 1:1. 'In the beginning God created'....
I'm curious to know what headphones you're using because if listening by radio you couldn't possibly hear any whispering. If a whisper was on this song you'd have seen it in these lyrics intro. So maybe you're listening to a cover. (sometimes the tape starts before the musicians are cued so it's not at all rare but not on this song).
Poetic meter, missing? Wally, if it's too much for you just stay with 'The House of The Rising Sun' and get that nice rhyme on 2 and 4 lines. You're talkin bout my Generation!
~ AwC

White's writing the blues songs | Reviewer: California Mike
    ------ About the song Don’t Bring Me Down performed by The Animals

Undoubtedly, some British bands were heavily influenced by American blues artists before and during the "British Invasion" onto the American music scene in the early 1960s. However, the previous reviewer overlooked the fact that "Don't Bring Me Down" was written by two white song writers--Gerry Goffin and Carole King; both Goffin and King are American song writers! They were obviously very influenced by American Blues. "Don't Bring Me Down" is really a good blues song; it is arguably as good as even the best black blues songs ever written. The Animals were following in the footsteps of the Rolling Stones more than those of the Beatles; that much is clear. The biggest difference is that The Stones went on to write some really good blues songs of their own while The Animals didn't write all of their own material. However, neither did the Stones early in their career.

Great Song, Pity about the 'credits' | Reviewer: yahboomy
    ------ About the song It's My Life performed by The Animals

This song was recorded by the Animals in 1965 and 48 years later it is still one of my absolute favourites of theirs.

It is just a pity this website has credited the writing to JonBon as it in fact was written by Brill Building songwriters Roger Atkins and Carl D'Errico

Content | Reviewer: Dillon
    ------ About the song Sky Pilot performed by The Animals

Even though this is about war, it is also about finding peace. And it is a good song to listen to when you are stoned. When Burdon sings about never reaching the sky, you try even more

Lets see Monterey continue to support the legendary event | Reviewer: Ron on route 66 from Australia
    ------ About the song Monterey performed by The Animals

I would put this song in the same catagory as rock and roll heaven , depicting famous names to a special event . This song strengthens the feelings that people have for such an event whether they attended , or lived on the other side of the world like I do . One sad fact is that Monterey does not recognise this event 45 years on as I visited the area and found no evidence of the event in the way of souvenirs or the people knowing about it only a jazz festival at the fairgrounds which is sad for such a special event . PS by the way Wally did get one thing right , at the very start it does say " In the beginning"

Thanks! | Reviewer: Haley
    ------ About the song House of the Rising Sun performed by The Animals

Hey guys! Just giving all my buddiess and fans
out there for voting on idol for me and this was one of my fave songs
To sing on idol. So thanks so much. Love you guys!

-Haley Reinhart

Not exactly a tribute to military chaplains | Reviewer: Paul
    ------ About the song Sky Pilot performed by The Animals

Could not allow the previous review to go unchallenged. This was an antiwar indictment of the hypocrisy of military chaplains and the Viet Nam War. And that is how I found them to be in my own experience.

i know about farming | Reviewer: olatunbose
    ------ About the song Many Rivers To Cross performed by The Animals

Am olatunbosun mojeed i like farming.i no about fishry. i can breed 500;0000thousand i know about animal.portry bird piggry.planting if can link to any of this. i will be adr is thanks.

Historical context | Reviewer: Dr.Dan
    ------ About the song Monterey performed by The Animals

I was 12 when this came out and the music at the time pissed off the establishment. It was so righteous to hear the names of OUR bands being honoured by the Animals -- the Who, Stones, Hendrix. People singing about US rather than Sinatra and strangers in the night. Wally needs some historical context to understand how important this was as WE celebrated our coming out.

the nashville teens | Reviewer: david hughes
    ------ About the song Tobacco Road performed by The Animals

i dont ever recall the animals performing this song,but i do rememember the nashville teens singing it,ive had many of eric burdon and the animals records in my time,even had one album where the song when i was young was on it,extreamly hard to get an original recording of this,but im 99% sure that it was the nashvile teens who sung it first,and sure the animals never performed it,unless they covered it at a concert.

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