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It was pretty big news in music when, in 1983, IRS
announced it had signed the original (and reformed) classic
rock band The Animals.

The Animals were part of the U.K. blues scene of the early
60s and one of the most noteworthy bands of the British
Invasion. Originally known as the Alan Price Combo, they
formed in early 1962 in Newcastle-upon- Tyne, England, the
group changed its name to The Animals when Burdon joined
later in 1962. The group's inspiration and much of its
early repertoire came from American blues and R&B. Eric More...

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Review about The Animals songs
Iconic song of the sixties | Reviewer: Godfather
    ------ About the song Monterey performed by The Animals

Great song, but I always understood the lyric "young Gods smiled upon the crowd" as "Younbloods smiled upon the crowd" in reference to the band Youngbloods and their song "Get Together" Seems a more logical fit for the theme of the song. I could be wrong.

Real Love Song | Reviewer: Terry
    ------ About the song Anything performed by The Animals

This is what real love is about: the joy of giving everything to the loved one, ultimately giving everything, all one has and is, to Real God, Who Is Love Itself. I am a devotee of Adi Da Samraj, and this has been His demonstration to me and thousands of others, ultimately to the entire world.

    ------ About the song Monterey performed by The Animals

If anyone was a teenager in the sixties they would understand the lyrics as well as the bands of that era. It made sense as the names of the bands or singer or songs were stated in this song. I was reminiscing during this song.

a better world | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song We Gotta Get Out of This Place performed by The Animals

this song describes the hopelessness of the poor in the us, and the fear people feel about being victimized. it's the truth. we need a new government.

Sky Pilot Review | Reviewer: Sandy
    ------ About the song Sky Pilot performed by The Animals

This song for me is reminiscent of the 60's and early 70's. My dad participated in the Vietnam War. Our family relocated throughout childhood years (Ohio, Northern Cal, the P.I., S. Carolina) so that is probably why I resonate to this tune. Thaaaaanky you.

Don't miss the movie "Monterrey Pop" | Reviewer: Debbie Rose
    ------ About the song Monterey performed by The Animals

This song transports me and fills my heart with joy. I was 12 when it came out. There was a feeling of eternity that lingers on. Music is sacred in India. It's time we realize that here in the West again. We felt it then. We lived music and it unified us. There was a Oneness among us that we of that time still have. Blessings to Wally. His ear is attuned to music in his way as are we all.

    ------ About the song Sky Pilot performed by The Animals

I,m continually guilty of thoughtlessly flinging my sarcasm out there(I think it,s funny, but I can't tell u how many times my flat delivery, in both vocal inflection and facial expression has left my recipients shocked by my audacity and seeming disregard for the feelings of others.I've heard this song hundreds of times, but for some reason NEVER caught more than the chorus. I just heard the very end of it and thought..."I wonder what that songs is about..." I was moved to tears. then immediately read Dillon's comment about getting stoned, and it seemed calloused to me.I have absolutely no problem with people smoking weed...even when I'd quit I bought a quarter pound for my women because I knew it was good medicine for her. besides, I dropped enough Green Pyramid in Jr High for the whole school. i try to never give unsolicited advice, and i have to be really upset to lash out at it's very entertaining to realize this this whole thing was MY LESSON. i scrolled up to get the name, and when I reread it, I found nothing sarcastic. i read it again...nothing even offensive! I'm no shrink, but I'm guessing my sudden emotional state had caused me to create a totally irrational and unfounded response. I hope I can remain teachable...especially self-teachable. my Ego fights the Schoolmaster.

love song with a blues feeling | Reviewer: trevor brown
    ------ About the song Anything performed by The Animals

i gave this song on a 45 to my wife to play before she walked down the isle to be my wife ,we will celebrate 45 years 21st march 2015
its still magical to us

Wally. Really? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Monterey performed by The Animals

Hi Wally,

You heard Eric whisper the line 'In the beginning'? ooh, like the Bible in Genesis 1:1. 'In the beginning God created'....
I'm curious to know what headphones you're using because if listening by radio you couldn't possibly hear any whispering. If a whisper was on this song you'd have seen it in these lyrics intro. So maybe you're listening to a cover. (sometimes the tape starts before the musicians are cued so it's not at all rare but not on this song).
Poetic meter, missing? Wally, if it's too much for you just stay with 'The House of The Rising Sun' and get that nice rhyme on 2 and 4 lines. You're talkin bout my Generation!
~ AwC

White's writing the blues songs | Reviewer: California Mike
    ------ About the song Don’t Bring Me Down performed by The Animals

Undoubtedly, some British bands were heavily influenced by American blues artists before and during the "British Invasion" onto the American music scene in the early 1960s. However, the previous reviewer overlooked the fact that "Don't Bring Me Down" was written by two white song writers--Gerry Goffin and Carole King; both Goffin and King are American song writers! They were obviously very influenced by American Blues. "Don't Bring Me Down" is really a good blues song; it is arguably as good as even the best black blues songs ever written. The Animals were following in the footsteps of the Rolling Stones more than those of the Beatles; that much is clear. The biggest difference is that The Stones went on to write some really good blues songs of their own while The Animals didn't write all of their own material. However, neither did the Stones early in their career.

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