The Amity Affliction Albums

  • Let The Ocean Take Me Album (6/10/2014)
    Lost & Fading
    Don't Lean On Me
    The Weigh Down
    Never Alone
    Death's Hand
    My Father's Son
    Forest Fire
    Give It All

  • Chasing Ghosts Album (9/7/2012)
    Chasing Ghosts
    Life Underground
    R.I.P. Bon
    Open Letter
    Greens Avenue
    I Heart H.C.
    Pabst Blue Ribbon On Ice
    Geof Sux 666
    Bondi St. Blues
    Too Legit To Quit

  • Youngbloods Album (6/18/2010)
    I Hate Hartley
    H.M.A.S Look Back
    Fire Or Knife
    Dr. Thunder
    Olde English 800
    No Sleep 'Til Brisbane
    R.I.P. Foghorn
    Fuck The Yankees
    15 Pieces Of Flare[Bonus Track]
    Snicklefritz[Bonus Track]

  • Severed Ties Album (10/4/2008)
    I Heart Roberts'
    Snitches Get Stitches
    Do You Party?
    Poison Pen Letters
    Fruity Lexia
    Jesse Intense
    The Blair Snitch Project
    Love Is A Battlefield
    Stairway To Hell

  • High Hopes Album (5/1/2007)
  • The Amity Affliction Album (6/27/2005)

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    Best band since bullet for my valentine | Reviewer: Matt m
        ------ About the album Chasing Ghosts performed by The Amity Affliction

    I heard open letter on sirus XM so went to Amazon and purchased chasing Ghosts album it's Awsome!!! I jam to it on my way to work everyday and bring it on the boat! I live in ft Myers Florida and these guys need to come here for X Fest!!! Love all your music guys

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