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Aaron Gillespie is a man obsessed. Whether he..s out in
front of The Almost, his new, eagerly anticipated
rock-based project, or behind the drum kit for Underoath,
the Clearwater, Florida-bred songwriter/musician can..t
help but throw himself into everything he does.

With Southern Weather, The Almost lets Gillespie put a
different, more melodic side of himself on display. Hoping
to follow in the footsteps of his idol Dave Grohl, who
stepped out from behind his drum kit to capture the rock
world..s hearts as one of the genre..s most More...

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Submit The Almost New Lyrics

Review about The Almost songs
Hm. | Reviewer: Ariel
    ------ About the song Dirty And Left Out performed by The Almost

This song is what I live by. I believe that the messages being portrayed is this:
We're all sinners. All of us. Everyday, we sin. And there's honesty nothing we can do to prevent that. Because we ARE human. And our flesh is DESIGNED to fail. But, that doesn't mean we shouldn't strive to be Christ Like. "I've been dirtier than you wanna know."
Like, that's me! I've been dirtier, before I gave my life to Christ. But I STILL AM dirty. And I can't comprehend how the maker of the stars wants to be in my life. I don't understand how the creator of the universe could spread his arms and love me unconditionally after I've gone and screwed up time after time. Such a love that I will never deserve. Yet he pours it out so graciously. I don't know why a God who has all things would want ME in his life. ME. This insignificant, ungrateful, greedy, selfish future pile of dust. It's beyond human comprehension. This song means so much to me. Because when I feel like I've messed up one to many times, I listen to this. Because fact is, I am free. I am loved. And God wants ME. Despite the fact that I'm a dirty sinner. And he wants you as well. To fall in love with this God is the best decision you'll ever make in your whole entire life. And if you haven't invited him into your life, I implore you to. This love is so great, how could you NOT want it?
Ponder on that, my friends.
God Bless.

Wow... fail | Reviewer: Cory
    ------ About the song Your Love Is Extravagant performed by The Almost

1st the correct lyrics are "spread wide in the arms of Christ, Is (A) love that covers (SIN)" NOT "is (IT) a love that covers (HIM)..... Come on gosh. Then 2nd the correct lyrics are "i find im moving to the rhythms of your grace. Your (FRAGRANCE) is intoxicating" NOT (FREQUENCY)

Your welcome :)

God is amazing | Reviewer: StephyLovesJesus
    ------ About the song Dirty And Left Out performed by The Almost

Its amazing to know that there is people who isnt ashamed to spell out how much Jesus means to them. Who care about spelling!! God will understand it either way! Thank you Lord for being our Heavenly Father, loving us unconditionally, and being there! AMEN!

Incredible | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Amazing Because It Is performed by The Almost

Gives me chills every time I listen. This is my favorite song. I think it's so cool how you can worship in this way. Rock itself is so powerful and adding the Amazing Grace lyrics makes it incredible. I love Jesus:)

I love it, but yet; | Reviewer: Morgann
    ------ About the song Amazing Because It Is performed by The Almost

I love The Almost, they are amazing and there music takes my breath away. And also, I think it's really cool that they can sing about what they believe in. And I'm all for that, even if I don't believe in it myself. But all the song I have pretty much heard had all been about the same thing, between the lines and just flat out. I love the All Most, and I could listen to them all day and everyday. I always have a song stuck by them in my head. But I sometimes wish that they would sing about something else. Just for once. The Almost is my favorite band so once again, I have nothing against it and they are SO amazing. But still, maybe just once to sing about something other than that.

amazing. | Reviewer: kelli
    ------ About the song Amazing Because It Is performed by The Almost

this song has really changed my outlook on alot of things. i personally am not a believer...yet. but aaron gillespie is truly my hero, just because of the sincerity of his voice- both when he sings and just talks about things in general.
this song in particular really gets me thinking.

love this | Reviewer: ChickaDee
    ------ About the song Say This Sooner performed by The Almost

this song is great, i love the guitar + drums + vocals.. pretty much everything and while i was trying to figure out what it meant, one of the previous comments from 'Peter' really helped me out, so thanks mate :).
this song means so much, because that's exactly what im going through at the moment.
ive been christian for a while but certain friends just see me differently lately..
anyway, im so glad my friend introduced me to this awesome band :D. rock on!

great band!!!! | Reviewer: Believer
    ------ About the song Say This Sooner performed by The Almost

just took my daughter to see this band in concert...they were amazing and so nice to the fans. They really set a good example, and glad they choose to speak about their beliefs during their concert....GO AARON...ROCK ON!!!!

good song | Reviewer: peter
    ------ About the song Say This Sooner performed by The Almost

its about all your friends thinking you changed who you are just by the fact that your christian. Its saying that hes still the same, just Christian. And he feels like no one will see this because no one will attempt it.

amaaazing. | Reviewer: kaylee rush
    ------ About the song Southern Weather performed by The Almost

this song is amazing, i love underoath & the almost. aaron gillespie is probably the best drummer and vocalist ever(he's pretty cute too.) hahah, but no really, THE ALMOST & UNDEROATH ROCCCK.
i never usually do that, but it's true :)

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