The Almost Albums

  • Fear Inside Our Bones Album (6/11/2013)
    Fear Inside Our Bones
    I'm Down
    Come On
    The Florida Sun
    Fight Song
    Lonely Boy

  • Monster Monster Album (11/3/2009)
    Monster, Monster
    Lonely Wheel
    No I Don't
    Young Again
    Summer, Summer
    Hand Grenade
    Books & Books
    Souls On Ten
    Want To
    Get Through

  • No Gift To Bring Album (11/24/2008)
    Awful Direction
    Little Drummer Boy
    Amazing Because It Is (Full Version)
    Your Love Is Extravagant
    Dirty And Left Out (Mctague-lectro Version)

  • Southern Weather Album (3/1/2007)
    Say This Sooner
    Drive There Now!
    Dirty And Left Out
    I Mostly Copy Other People
    Southern Weather
    Stop It!
    Amazing Because It Is
    Everyone Here Smells Like A Rat
    Never Say I Told You So
    Call Me Back When I'm Honest
    Everything That Makes Me Sick
    Hold On

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