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On March 26, 1969 in Jacksonville, Florida, guitarist Duane
Allman convened a jam session including bassist Berry
Oakley, guitarist Dickey Betts, and drummers Jaimoe and
Butch Trucks. It was the first musical meeting of the group
which, with the addition of Gregg Allman on vocals and
Hammond organ, would become The Allman Brothers Band-one of
the most acclaimed and influential groups in the history of
rock and roll.

On March 26, 1999 at the Beacon Theater in New York, the
Allman Brothers Band celebrated its 30th Anniversary with
the More...

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Review about The Allman Brothers Band songs
Melissa story | Reviewer: Melissa, my fathers choice
    ------ About the song Melissa performed by The Allman Brothers Band

Met a sweet older man who i only spoke with for a few moments. He said he would from then on sing Sweet Melissa in honor of me. Thought it was one of the sweetest things ive been told. It was such a bad father in surgery, i was sick and couldent be there. That was a blessing just for me!:)

the 70's | Reviewer: Buddy Dowda
    ------ About the song Ain't Wastin' Time No More performed by The Allman Brothers Band

Iv,e made it to live nearly 6 decades and if I live to be 100 the 70's rock and roll rocks far above the rest .And none better than The AllMAN BROTHERS.And I have seen all the bands that I cared to see.Rock on my brothers!!!!!!!

my sweet Melissa | Reviewer: Johnny Gonzales
    ------ About the song Melissa performed by The Allman Brothers Band

In a sense i have always felt like a gypsie due to my occupation although i am retired now. When i heard this song for the first time i was a teenager going down the road in my car when it came on the radio and after i heard it, i knew that instant that Melissa was going to be my daughters name if i ever had one, and thanks to god eight years later i did and to this day she is and always will be my "SWEET MELISSA".

Sweet Melissa | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Melissa performed by The Allman Brothers Band

I almost named my daughter after this and thought there must be a million girls out there with this name. So I went for the name my daughter has and just switched the wording when I sing this song and say her name.

I am the gypsy in every sense of the word. Ask anyone I know. There has been a lot of sorrow in my very young life. I do feel like I traveled from coast to coast because I did just his. I always return now for my beautiful little daughter. She has grown into a very knock out, DDG young girl in her early 20's.

Believe you me, she is a tough act to follow. I love her to pieces so does her father.

"Carol" Never forgotten | Reviewer: Pat
    ------ About the song I'm No Angel performed by The Allman Brothers Band

I graduated high school in 1979. My best friend Carol loved this song. She was the only one crazy enough (at that time) to get a tatoo. She would drink happy juice and do a silly dance and sing this song. She past away to soon 2009. She was my best friend from the age of 15, when I hear the song now I can see her dancing in the clouds not a care in the world.

I'm no Angel - Gregg Allman | Reviewer: Steve P
    ------ About the song I'm No Angel performed by The Allman Brothers Band

I saw Gregg open with this a few weeks ago at the old Alabama theater in Birmingham. He sounded just as good as he did when I first saw him sing it in 1975 in Atlanta. Great song! Tremendous energy. And even more meaning to me now that I'm 57 than it did when I was 20. I'm no angel. I'm no stranger to the dark

One of their best | Reviewer: Mike Grimes
    ------ About the song One Way Out performed by The Allman Brothers Band

The dual lead guitar in this song is by two of the greatest guitarists of all time. Duane Allman (the greatest) has the larger of the two parts. He is predominantly in the left channel playing the slide guitar. More towards the right channel is Dickie Betts (third greatest). If you want to hear more of this listen to the albums "At Fillmore East" (1971) and "Eat A Peach" (1972). There are others but these two are the best. To hear Duane playing the tracks have to have been recorded before he died in October 1971.

Still moves me after all these years... | Reviewer: SGT
    ------ About the song It's Not My Cross To Bear performed by The Allman Brothers Band

Greg Allman's version from "I'm No Angel" is amazing. So powerful, so loaded with sadness and resolve, it echoed the feelings I was experiencing at the time. It was the first time a guitar solo ever "talked" to me, let me know that I wasn't the only one that was moving on. That one is the definitive cut for me.

"Dreams" a blues masterpiece. | Reviewer: Patrick Chase
    ------ About the song Dreams performed by The Allman Brothers Band

I've listened to, enjoyed, and analyzed "Dreams" at least a thousand times. The lyrics are about Depression and trying to overcome it. No girl lost- just trying to make one's dreams happen and struggling to get up out of bed and put on one's walking shoes to get through the day. The synergies in the music among the musicians are absolutely amazing; from the base-line, the percussionists, to the guitars. The transitions between the simple themes is seamless. A truly remarkable, inspiring song.

Tragedy | Reviewer: klem
    ------ About the song Melissa performed by The Allman Brothers Band

So many hear this song and think of the love. His constant return. But you see, that is the song itself, because "no one hears his lonely sighs," "in the deepest dreams the gypsy flies," roll on. This is a song about a man who let go and knows he never should, in fact never could, never will, and will never return. It is tragedy and loss.

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