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The All-American Rejects Biography

Last updated: 09/14/2013 09:23:50 AM

The All-American Rejects-photo
Tyson Ritter (vocals/bass)
Nick Wheeler (guitars/keyboards/programming)
Mike Kennerty (guitar)
Chris Gaylor (drums)

The All-American Rejects are a Stillwater, Oklahoma based band whose incomparable sound fuses modern power pop music with drum loops, rock guitar and infectious melodies and harmonies.

The duo that is known as The All-American Rejects is Tyson Ritter (vocals, bass) and Nick Wheeler (guitars, drums, keyboards, & programming). The band released their first independent album in the spring of 2000 securing spins on Oklahoma radio creating a massive local fan base. The songs compiling the album attracted opportunities for the duo such as mass local radio and press exposure, licensing on MTV’s Undressed, and opening bill for The Flaming Lips and Caroline’s Spine.

In the summer of 2001, The All-American Rejects released the E.P. Same Girl, New Songs and set out to tour the Midwest. By the end of the tour, the band had signed a recording contract with Doghouse Records (The Get Up Kids, River City High).

The All-American Rejects recorded their international debut album with producer Tim O’Heir (Superdrag, SamIAm, Sebadoh) in Brooklyn, NY. During this time, the band also filmed a music video for their first single "Swing, Swing". Their self-titled debut will hit stores October 15th [2002]. wrote:

Just to let you know the band is no longer made up of four guys. Tyson and Nick are the only ones left. The others left for their oun reasons. So now just the two of them jam and their doin a hell of a good job. The make backup tapes with the drums and stuff and the play the guitar, bass and keyboard live.

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I love them | Reviewer: Tyler | 9/14/13

I'm a girl and I have a boys name so I get a lot of crap about that and their music has helped me a lot. A plus just the way that they're so funny really helps. I love them a lot. Ive been listening to them ever since their Gives you hell song came up and I was 8 at the time.... I love them and I always will

WRONG | Reviewer: Jinglebell | 6/16/10

This isn't even rite there are four members in the band they are Tyson Ritter, lead guitarist, Nick Wheeler, rhythm guitarist Mike Kennerty, and drummer Chris Gaylor. And they rock and they aren't on drugs..

aar friggin rocks | Reviewer: nick b. :o(----( | 4/27/10

the all american rejects are so awesome i,d give away solid gold just to meet them.their songs are the freaking best especially move along. the drug addicts guy should shut the crap up about them. its none of his beesguts.

hey look stickman ----> :o(-----<

??? | Reviewer: Joslynn :D | 3/13/10

The All American Rejects are seriously the best band ever! I recently had to do this english paper trying to persuade ppl of any topic i chose. I did my paper on why the All American Rejects are the best and most sucessful band. Of course i got an A :)

i like nick, personally. | Reviewer: carrie | 1/27/10

tyson is cute, but he has nothing on nick. if only he wasn't about 7 years older than me. but hey, amybe it could work....

but my favorite songs by them are move along, gives you hell, and dirty little secret. they are so cool. and really, who cares if they do drugs? i bet half the people in my high school alone have done drugs. as long as they continue to do songs i like, it doesn't matter to me.

4 the guy tht says they are drug addicts | Reviewer: Carrie | 12/14/09

okay, you have to think even if they are using drug and are addicted thats really none of you business. and plus you have to stop and think how many of all these bands use drugs. with out drugs some of the greatest song wouldnt be here so i think you shld back off and get a life and not criticize them!

OMFGGG i LOVE the All American Rejects | Reviewer: Emilyy L | 10/21/09

How hotttt is Tyson and Nick i freakin love you guys your my fabourite band and you will be for the rest of my life.Im still at school and all over every thing i own says i love the all american rejects and i go around asking people if they like you guys and if some one says no i always make them say yess. I even asked the scareiest teacher in my whole entire schooool and he said you guys are awesome !! I love you so muchhh !! LOVE FROM YOUR BIGGEST FANN EVER AND ALWAYSS EMILYY L AND BY THE WAY I went to your concert in sydney in enmore and it was awesome i still go on about it all the time even today i said its exactly 2 months after i went to the all american rejects . I love youuu 4eva

drug addicts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/4/09

My ex was almost merried to the lead singer. beth wachowiak. all I know is that they all do drug and the lead singer is a cheater. i still cant find the songabout betty but ive been looking. he should just drop her off the face of the earth. lil drug addicts running around. His girl was a heroin addict among a zanex addict and a crack head. just think of what these guys act like. maybe there cool people but considering all i know. im disgusted when i find that my friends kids are into them. listin to anything but these guys. you can do some much better. just because there all american and they are rejects dont mean crap. maybe he would be up there like denise casey of flogging molly if he wasnt a dumbass. dont spend your money on those wankers

who are you | Reviewer: vonne | 7/7/09

tyson tyson tyson where have you been all my life, you are the sexiest man i have ever laid eyes on, (sorry kurt youll always have a place in my heart) i mean the second sexiest man, but i dont think kurt cobain counts any more. please dont fade out of the top 20 ever please, you make my day better every day just to see your face. i dont even want to know if you have a girlfriend or GOD forbid a wife. ignorance is bliss and i can have any fantasy i want. brad pitt has nothin on you baby. you are it!!!!!!

i love the all american rejects since 2001 | Reviewer: jewel | 7/3/09

i♥ the all american reject's they are the most amazing band in the whole world and if i had one wish i would ask to be with the all american rejects (AAR)i cant imagine them not being here they rock every ones sock's off so badly that there feet are bleeding (sorry if cheessy) and it is like impossible to not bang your head or sing to the songs.i cant compare ARR with any other band, their just unbelieveable. i♥ the all american rejects with all my heAARt

xoxoxoxo infinity!!! | Reviewer: Kaylin <3's AAR!!! | 3/15/09

i love AAR!! their music is sooo amazing!! my favorite song are: Gives you Hell, Dirty Little Secret, It Ends Tonight, and Move Along. Aside from their music, Tyson is smokin hot!! Just want him to know that<3 xoxoxoxo infinity, you guys!!!! Keep rockin my world to the tenth degree!!!! love always, kaylin<3

tyson is hot!!! | Reviewer: andy | 2/12/09

tyson is the best ever!!! he has the best lungs ever! never give up the all american rejects!!! you guys are the best ever! i listen to your music all the time and can't stop!! love you guys!! peace!!!

i met them | Reviewer: sallyy =] | 2/8/09

well i saw them yesterday on the ferry to dover, no jokes, and we had pictures and everything. cos basically one of my friends saw nick and she said thats the guitarist out of the all american rejects i know i saw them last week so they queued up for costa coffee and then one of my friends went up to nick and said "are you the all american rejects" and then nick shook her hand and said yes and so we left them alone and we tried to find them later, and we did but they were eating so we waited outside for them to finish, and me and my other friend were the most excited we were screaming inside and crying because they are our favourite band. anyway, another friend went in and asked them when they had finished eating if we could have our picture taken and they said yes, but we didnt know tyson was there lol. my friend asked a question and he replied from the corner and she goes "shit" and drops her camera. so anyway we had our picture taken and then asked why their gig was only an hour long, and they said they will only ever play for an hour but they were really funny and friendly. so anyway we went to get off the ferry and we realised that they were in the blacked out bus behind us all along! we didnt know that my favourite band were just meters away for hours in france. so we saw them drive off at dover and we pulled into a service station and their bus was there! we couldnt believe it and we had more pictures taken with tyson in the whimpy queue. i still cant believe i met them and that nobody else recognised them anywhere! =]

AAR | Reviewer: annette | 1/10/09

Their best song so far is Gives You Hell, because it's more their type of music. Who likes them that much... to name off all their songs?WTF. This Page needs up dated bad. cuz no one cares what ppl thought of AAR in 2007. This is 2009

You are of my v.i.p bands | Reviewer: Karla | 3/28/08

Hey! well your music is awesome very original I like a lot, your style is unique I like a lot the rock and all about it like rockpunk, rockpop and the most indie rock so i have many favorite bands but you are in the best 3 well you and the strokes are my favorite bands of all and tyson you are very handsome and your lyrics are very nice. xoxoi would like to meet you.