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The Alarm Biography

Last updated: 06/18/2001 02:48:02 AM

The Alarm was formed in Rhyl, Wales in 1981. They were originally called "Seventeen" because when they formed, like some sort of Welsh Hanson, they were all seventeen. From one of their tunes, "Alarm, Alarm" they got their new (and better) name. Almost always singing about human rights and other social issues, they were constantly compared to both U2 and The Clash. In fact, it seems the Welsh quartet was destined to forever remain in the shadow of those two seminal bands.

Despite the excellent musicianship (and penchant for keeping the Welsh hairspray industry solvent during the 80s) they had a hard time breaking onto the charts, though they did have several charting records. They managed to break the top 20 once, with "Rain In The Summertime" in 1987. Many fans wouldn't know it, but The Alarm was a favorite among Christian Rockers. Mike Peters' lyrics (again like U2's Bono) reflected his strong Christian beliefs.

In 1991, after a decade of playing, recording, touring (opening for such headliners as U2, Bob Dylan, Status Quo and Queen) and meeting with moderate succcess, Mike Peters left to pursue solo projects, effectively disbanding The Alarm. His debut solo LP came in 1994. Dave Sharp released a solo LP (on IRS) in 1991.