The Afghan Whigs Albums

  • Do To The Beast Album (4/15/2014)
    Parked Outside
    It Kills
    Lost In The Woods
    The Lottery
    Can Rova
    Royal Cream
    I Am Fire
    These Sticks

  • Unbreakable: A Retrospective Album (5/15/2007)
    Turn On The Water
    I'm A Soldier
    Be Sweet
    Come See About Me
    Uptown Again
    What Jail Is Like
    I'm Her Slave
    Going To Town
    Let Me Lie To You
    John The Baptist
    Crime Scene Part One

  • 1965 Album (10/27/1998)
    Somethin' Hot
    Uptown Again
    Sweet Son Of A Bitch
    City Soleil
    John The Baptist
    The Slide Song

  • Black Love Album (3/12/1996)
    Blame, Etc.
    Crime Scene Part One
    Double Day
    Going To Town
    Honky's Ladder
    My Enemy
    Night By Candlelight
    Step Into The Light
    Summer's Kiss

  • What Jail Is Like (Ep) Album (8/9/1994)
  • Gentlemen Album (10/5/1993)
  • Uptown Avondale Album (4/1/1992)
  • Congregation Album (8/1/1991)
  • Up In It Album (4/1/1990)

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    Reviews about The Afghan Whigs albums

    Hadta grow on me but then... | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album 1965 performed by The Afghan Whigs

    Alright, first off, I'm not a music junkie like some folks, nor have I ever written a review. This is my first and I'm an intelligent middle aged male. Okay, the Afghan Whigs. First album I acquired of theirs was "Gentleman", recommended to be by a music junkie. Didn't really like it immediately, but gave it a chance because I've noticed over the years that my favorite music is that which must grow on me. At first the album sounds all the same to me. The band "Live" is an excellent example of this. Every time they come out with a new album I am disappointed at first because it doesn't sound exactly like the last. But after about the tenth listen I begin to pick out this or that, and then it's on! This album, "1965", was the same. I loved "Gentleman" for it's raw, low budget sincerity. It is not politically correct, and at time both misogynistic and sensual at the same time. Sometimes that can, vicariously, be fun. I usually listened to it when I was pissed off, which is rare. "1965" however, was different, and I didn't dig it at first. Now I find much richer and better than Gentleman. It's not high-brow, it's not necessarily intellectual, but it is quite sexy, lyrically, in a raw, sometimes crude, lustful way. I was in a new relationship when I got into this album about a year ago. I was very infatuated at the time and it seemed like a soundtrack to my current events and could not stop listening to it. I am still with her a year later now. She is out of town right now, and so I pulled out this album and WHAM. Even after a a year being with her every day it immediately pulled me right back to that roller coaster of first-week-infatuation. 1965. Not for everybody, but give it a good chance. ~David

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