The Adicts Lyrics

by Jon Sarre

It's probably safe to assume that every fuckin' punk band
from the '70s or '80s with the possible exception of Terry
and the Idiots (immortalized in Lech Kowalski's D.O.A.: A
Rite of Passage when Terry got a pint of beer thrown in his
face) is gonna have a retrospective "best of" album
compiled for the benefit of collectors and other hopeless
cases. Although some of these comps are gonna be worth yer
hard-panned silver, some of 'em, well, let's just say yer
money's probably better spent on more useful leisure items
like More...

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Submit The Adicts New Lyrics

Review about The Adicts songs
Made me cum multiple times | Reviewer: Fag boy the third
    ------ About the song Madhatter performed by The Adicts

I had a wank session to some hot gay porn right before I had to go to school and I was having a hard time climaxing so I decided to wank when I got home. So at school I played this song on my iPod during class and immediately came multiple times and I couldn't control it. I was on the floor cumming non stop and I got suspended. Do not listen to this song at school you fucking Neanderthals.

Jelly Baby Song | Reviewer: Samantha Green
    ------ About the song Jelly Babies performed by The Adicts

i thing the jelly baby song is a grate way of helping the people with diabetes. today i saw some people singing the jelly baby song and it was stuck in everyone's head and i walked back to my school everyone was singing it i just love it when there are so many caring people in this world, so i want to help to see a brighter smile on people with diabetes faces.

Second Line...missing | Reviewer: Kezz
    ------ About the song Shiney Shiney performed by The Adicts

After the first line "being girls being molls" there is a sentence that isn't on any of the lyrics websites I have checked for this song, but by just listening to it I am 99% sure that it says "you got nitro nitrogen".


YEAAAAAA | Reviewer: IRving
    ------ About the song Chinese Takeaway performed by The Adicts

The Adicts are the best punk ever! Chinese Takeaway is my favorite song, nice PERFECT lyrics

14/06/2007 | Reviewer: G.I.Jane.Ildeee
    ------ About the song Viva La Revolution performed by The Adicts

Long live the SYMBOLS
Long live the scheme
Long live our hopes
Long live the dream

Odd Couple | Reviewer: cody reed
    ------ About the song Odd Couple performed by The Adicts

This is one of the best songs The Adicts has done, in my opinion.

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