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“We want to move people… to impact in them the same way
we’ve been affected through music.”

The Academy Is…almost never was. Frontman William Beckett
and guitarist Mike Carden grew up as rivals, in separate
bands on the Chicago local music scene. William eventually
left his band, wanting to take music more seriously and
looking for someone who shared his passion. Mike’s band
broke up also and the two gradually found themselves
talking more and more; engulfed in amazing conversations
about music. After realizing they were very much More...

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Review about The Academy Is... songs
Great | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Down And Out performed by The Academy Is...

Lets ignore the other reviews, I've loved this song for a few years and the song really is very good. Most songs in the genree aren't so complex and this one is pretty simple in it's own but yet it still for some reason hits me as an amazing song. The piano version is also just as good and I don't think I could choose between the 2.

Subjective Meaning | Reviewer: Girl_With_The_Wolf
    ------ About the song The Phrase That Pays performed by The Academy Is...

As a young person living with a chronic illness that could take my life in my 30s or even sooner this song means a lot to me. I feel like the lyrics about talking to a doctor weren't meant to be taken literally maybe, but for me it's like hearing a flashback from when the doctor told me I was sick. All of the plans I had for the future have been put on hold indefinitely and I want to make the most what I'm able to do in the time I do have. The words "hold your head high heavy heart" have become like a motto to me whenever I feel like giving up. I hope this song inspires anyone to make the most of their life even if they haven't been told it could be cut short. Thank you so much for this song Academy Is.

um yeah to all | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Down And Out performed by The Academy Is...

I like how everyone on here talk about everything expect the song some people put i love this some and whatever well what do you like about it hmm?Stop paying attention to who listen to this song or if their sell outs or if their not i feel like that people need to pay more attention to the music

Bedroom Behavior | Reviewer: Tianna
    ------ About the song Checkmarks performed by The Academy Is...

The "your bedroom behavior was never more than checkmarks on bed posts" phrase is actually referring to HER behavior in the bedroom and how sex and relationships mean nothing to her and all boys are to her is numbers.

Shut the hell up, get gone. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Down And Out performed by The Academy Is...

Sorry but just on the topic of a band 'selling out' because they promote something in a show/advert whatever it may be, these guys make their living off the music they make and because less and less people are actually buying the music they have to find other ways to pay for their lives outside of the music business, to pay for the studio time, the advertising campaigns for their tours/albums, for their tours to actually happen and to pay for all the people who help them get the music to you. Bands are teaming up with big companies so they can do this for YOU, so don't for one second it is okay to bitch about them for selling out.
If you cared about the band and the music you wouldn't care about what they endorse in their shows etc, and if you say that you have 'grown out of their music' then their music probably didn't mean anything to you in the first place.

WOW! | Reviewer: Eric
    ------ About the song Paper Chase performed by The Academy Is...

This song is amazing! I wish I would've discovered it about a month ago, just in time for graduation. It would have been perfect because after graduation I partied hard every night for a week! Brings back memories that seem forever ago, but were recent.

New For Me | Reviewer: Smurf
    ------ About the song Slow Down performed by The Academy Is...

This is the first song I heard of them...and I instantly fell in love. I hate songs that are just like, 'Get drunk and sing about girls/guys.' This one really speaks to you, and I think it can have more than one meaning. Saying a song only has one meaning is usually wrong, because it speaks to everyone differently. Not sure what I think of it yet...guess I'll figure that out later.

TAI is amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Phrase That Pays performed by The Academy Is...

I think this song is saying that basically on a long enough scale everyones life expectancy is atnzero and we need to make the most of it and live like we were going to die tomorrow by helping other people and contributing a piece ourselves whenever we can

music video | Reviewer: melissa
    ------ About the song We've Got A Big Mess On Our Hands performed by The Academy Is...

i love how in the music video it really shows how doesnt look innocent like that. Because he looks all mean and like a jerk and then he looks normal and its surprising how innocent and cute like a little kid that makes him look. the video does an awesome job of showing the meaning to this awesome song.

epic song | Reviewer: i <3 Will Beckett
    ------ About the song The Phrase That Pays performed by The Academy Is...

this is such an epic song. i love the meaning of it and the way Will sings it especially in the beginning. His voice is like major hotness. i have heard this song like 60 times in the past 2 days and i can't get tired of this song or TAI. this is also like one of their best music videos too. i have the video practically memorized. i see it in my head every time i hear this on my iPod.

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