The 88 Albums

  • Fortune Teller Album (8/1/2013)
    I Got Lucky

  • The 88 Album (9/28/2010)
    Center Of The Sun
    They Ought To See You Now
    After Hours
    Won't Catch Me
    As Far As I Can See
    Automatic Brain
    Hold On
    Dead On The Water
    Takes It Away
    Diamond In The Coal
    Lost And Found

  • This Must Be Love Album (11/23/2009)
    Go To Heaven
    Heartsick Town
    Bad Love
    This Must Be Love
    After All
    Love Is The Thing
    Carnival Music
    One Of These Days
    Yours Tonight
    I'll Follow You
    Let Me Go
    Who Is This

  • Not Only... But Also Album (10/28/2008)
    Go Go Go
    Love You Anytime
    Coming Home
    No One Here
    I'm Nothing
    Sons And Daughters
    It's A Lot
    Like You Do
    Save Your Breath
    Waiting For The Next Drug
    We Felt Alive

  • Over And Over Album (9/1/2005)
  • Kind Of Light Album (6/1/2003)

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