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"The 77's will take you on a journey through the past,
present, and future of rock & roll" - Island Records radio
advertisement, 1987.

The 77s have been on this journey for over twenty years.
Michael Roe, guitars/vocals, Mark Harmon, bass, and Bruce
Spencer, drums, have been at the core of the band for many
years. All three are exemplary musicians and composers; on
any given night fans are fixated on what one of the band
members is pulling off. To take it all in can be
fascinating, even exhilarating.

For those in the know, the above More...

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Reviews about The 77s songs

Forgiveness | Reviewer: Tom Richards
    ------ About the song The Days To Come performed by The 77s

This song, which I had listen many times, began to speak to me when I was having a rough time over being let go as a Youth Minister in a church in California. Actually my teenage daughter noticed the bitterness creeping into my life and the negative critical way I spoke about my former church and friends in the church. She asked me to look at the lyrics and as I did so, I wanted to tell her to mind her own business. But as I played the song over & over and read over the lyrics, I realized the very real hurt I was feeling was not allowing me to move on in my faith and life and service for the Lord. My hand was on the "door refusing to leave."

This was actually a turning point in my life. I could have become one of the many Christians our enemy "takes out." But by "releasing the past" & forgiving the hurt that was done, I enter into the "healing compassion" the song talks about and quit "slapping the face of the days to come." I have been full time for the Lord for another 9 years since that dark period that the Lord used the 77’s lyrics to shine a light of truth for my path. –Thank you.

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