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Jon Pardi That Man Lyrics

Last updated: 01/20/2014 06:48:36 AM

I know that all we've ever known
Is how to be the best of friends
And hangin' out and cuttin' up
Ain't as easy as it's been

You know I've always loved you girl
Aw but never quite like this
Been waitin' so long to right what's wrong
And taste your kiss


And when you wanna be wanted
And you need to be needed
When you wanna move on
'Cause you want somebody
Who's nothing like he is
You know I've always been waiting
And I guess what I'm saying
Is I am that man

You know it's killin' me inside
Watching you go through
The truth of all his lies
Girl, I think it's time you knew
That I'm here to pick you up
And I won't let you down
Girl, whenever you're ready
I'll still be hangin' around


I am
Whoa, oh, I am that man