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Shakin' Stevens That Is Rock And Roll Lyrics

Last updated: 06/30/2012 12:00:00 PM

In the beginning there was nothing but rock
Then somebody invented the wheel
And finally just begans to roll

Did you ever hear the tenor sax
Swingin' like a rusty axe
Honkin' like a frog, down in a holow log
Baby, that is rock and roll

Did you ever hear a guitar twang
Jingy - jingy - jingy - jang
Ever hear those strings doin' crazy things
Baby, that is rock and roll

That ain't no freight train that you hear
Rollin' down the railroad tracks
That's a country boy's piano band
Playin' in between the cracks

You say that music's for the birds
And you can't understand the words
Well, honey, if you did, you really blow your lid
'Cause baby, that is rock and roll

In the morning, in the evening