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Too Short That's Not Your Bitch Lyrics

Last updated: 07/04/2012 12:00:00 PM

[Intro/Chorus: Jazze Pha]
That's not your bitch
Ain't it fucked up when you put in all the time
And finally you find out - that's not your bitch
She runnin 'round with every nigga in town
While you hit the streets and grind now - that's not your bitch
You better check your old, nasty hoe
Cause pimpin - that's not your bitch
Nigga you've been played and there she goes
That's not your bitch

[Too $hort]
She's community property, public domain
Yellin "Oooh fuck me Todd," and that ain't yo' name
She's a real good time, for a few good men
See her lookin too fine with her new friend
You wanna know the truth about what the hoe could do
How she be with other niggaz, FUCK what you goin through
She's a dick fiend, sperm drinkin nympho
Check up on her background, learn the bitch's info


[Too $hort]
I guess she's a keeper if you say so
You just met her and said "I love you" on day fo'!
How you gon' say that to a H-O?
You better take her somewhere and lay low
Cause if niggaz find out, you callin her wife
They'll be tellin jokes about you all night
How you kiss and fuck a neighborhood dick sucker
If you knew the shit she did man you wouldn't even touch her


Bright lights, night light, Ginger somethin like the shit
Nothin under cover nigga you know I'm a stunna bitch
Make it rain - FUCK NO, you know who I'm fuckin with?
Call my nigga Hurricane, cause that nigga thunderous!
Nigga she sick, yeah that's G
Ay you talkin 'bout a huster you talkin 'bout me
If a nigga gettin money, move bitch, that's me
But if he ain't got enough, me and him don't speak
Bitch, cop dumb caps like the Magnum fit
I told him slide me somethin now he feelin like a trick
I could never be your bitch lil' daggone fish
Don't make enough money to afford this shit